Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Tails: Wickett

By Jamie Morgan, Satellite Adoption Manager

When I first saw Wickett, he was surrounded by a group of children on a school trip. The three-year-old brindle Shih Tzu/Pekingese mix was soaking up the attention from all the little hands on him, wagging his tail in delight.

After his cuddle session with the children, Wickett soon became the dog to see in Adoptions. He had several adopters all lined up to see him and find out how he would do with their current dogs. We soon realized Wickett was more interested in the people in the room than other dogs we introduced him too. Wickett needed someone who wanted a fuzzy shadow by their side, which is just what Nicole was looking for.

Since 1997 Nicole hadn’t been without a Shih Tzu. She had fallen in love with the breed, even finding it cute that her current dog Sprout snores like a chainsaw. With Wickett, Nicole found her lap dog and Wickett got his constant companion. There was no more waiting for Wickett, he was on his way home with Nicole after a successful meet and greet with Sprout.

Nicole wrote us a few weeks later to say Wickett "is very playful without being overwhelming, loves to be right by my side, and we only had one accident on the first day. All of these are a testament to getting an older dog –especially the bladder control part!”

We agree that older dogs make a great addition! Wickett was a prefect gentledog while at HSSV and continues to shine in Nicole’s care. She tells us she now goes to sleep with two little chainsaw snorers by her side.

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