Wednesday, October 12, 2011

HSSV Guests and their Favorite Things! (Part 2)

Hi! My name is Simba and my favorite thing is pretending to be King of the Jungle (I'm a Lion Head Dwarf Rabbit). I like to stand on my hind legs and pretend to roar! I also enjoy grooming my beautiful mane, and being petted!

Hi! My name is Lacy and my favorite things are longs walks (on the beach or...well, anywhere), showing off my favorite toys, snuggling with my favorite people, and generally being the center of attention! Check out my pet of the week video!

Hi! My name is Cocoa and my favorite things are chatting with my human friends, receiving pats and chin scratches, sitting in laps, and prancing around until the light catches my beautiful coat!

Hi! My name is Rocket and my favorite things are working out (I'm very fit, you know!), playing fetch, swimming, and working on my basic commands with the help of my friends. I'm really good at sit and down! I like to show off!

Hi! My name is Lotus and my favorite things are basking in the sun on my window perch, greeting my friends by rubbing against their ankles and soliciting pats, and chasing after feather wand toys.

Hi! My name is Hilo and my favorite things are sitting in a lap while being groomed (have you seen my beautiful mane?), playing with squeaky toys, showing off my superb leash manners, modeling for photo sessions, and...did I mention sitting in laps?

Hi! My name is Groucho and my favorite things are grooming my adorable mustache, holding down laps (we're done snuggling when I say so!), and curling up on the couch to enjoy an old timey movie. I bet you can guess my favorite movie star...

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