Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Fun With Tristan and Some Jack Facts

A Word From Tristan

Hi, I’m Tristan. Do you like to run? I love to run. Let’s doa 5K. It’ll be fantastic. How do you feel about hiking? I love to hike. Wecould hit the hills and crank out a couple of miles, maybe make hot dogs overthe fire – I love hot dogs. Don’t get mewrong, everyone here is super nice but an energetic dude like me gets reallybored. It’s time for me to find someone who can keep up with me. Let’s tryagility or flyball or rally-o or all of it! It’s summer, we should be out doingthings. Lots of things. I’m a JackRussell Terrier mix so even though I’m wearing a small dog suit, there’s awhole lot of energy and attitude here.

Jack Facts: Five Things You Didn’t Know About Jack RussellTerriers

Jack Russell, who developed the breed, was a priest. Priests are also called Parsons, hence the Parsons Russell Terrier.
They were originally bred to hunt small vermin, terrier means go to ground.
Some of the shorter Jack Russell Terriers actually have a form of dwarfism.
The breed was created in the 1800’s but not recognized bythe AKC until 1997.
Looking for a couch potato? Keep looking! Jack Russells are independent, athletic and require a lot amount of exercise. They excel in dog sports and make great jogging partners.

photo by Iwona Bibillo

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