Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ask Peaches!

Sage Advice From HSSV's Wisest PitBull.

Dear Peaches,

I've been trying to exercise more but the gym is just so boring. I go running but it's hard not to slack off when no one will go with me. As it is right now I'm using a treadmill in front of the TV but that just means I spend more time inside and watch more TV. How do I make exercise fun?

Runnin' In Place

Dear Runnin',

You know what you need? A happy, energetic young dog to go with you. Certain breeds are known to be extraordinarily athletic - border collies, labs....and pit bulls! Us pibbles are the ultimate canine athlete. Plus when you get home your dog (or me, personally) would be waiting for you. And pibbles are exceptionally goofy and silly and way more fun than TV - myself especially.

- Peaches.

Dear Peaches,

I feel like with all the technology around us life has gotten more impersonal. It's hard to make new friends and find things to do - everyone is always online. Are there other ways to meet new friends aside from websites?

Offline and Out of It.

Dear Offline,

There is one amazing way to meet new friends, find new places to explore and always have someone to hang out with - get a dog! Particularly an adorable, energetic dog with a slightly squished face and boundless energy. Do you know where all the dog-friendly hiking spots are in Santa Clara County? Neither do I, but I'm sure together we could figure it out and explore all of them. Obedience classes are great places to meet other dog-friendly folk - I'd be happy to go if you need a date. And while I love to go out and do things, I'm also a great listener.

Peaches Offers Three Tips To A Joyful Life


Smile Constantly

Bear Illness and Infirmity With Grace

Always Be Willing To Dance

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