Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Mindy Project

Our Mindy is not a project, she's a success. And while she doesn't have her own television show, she could.

Episode 1: Scaredy Pup.

A hapless young pitbull puppy finds herself in a big city shelter. She immediately becomes frightened. This could be a sad episode were it not for little Mindy's big head and sweet face. Her silly expressions and sweet demeanor catch the attention of the shelter staff who ask HSSV to take her. Along the way she meets a JRT who growls at her, causing her to flop down like a pancake.

Episode 2: Foster Family To The Rescue.

Poor Mindy continues to have trouble coming out of her shell. Shelter staff prescribe confidence building - off she goes to a foster home to learn how to be brave. With the help of two resident dogs, a large cat and a very kind couple, Mindy begins to come out of her shell. She also masters house manners, learning things like 'though shalt not eat off the kitchen counter' and 'sleeping through the night makes everyone happy'. The episode ends with her well on her way to becoming an old pro at daily home life.

Episode 3: Surgery and Rehabilitation.

During a medical checkup, it is discovered that Mindy has hip dysplasia. Our plucky heroine undergoes surgery on both her hips and (with the help of her amazing foster family) bounces back. Along the way she wins the hearts of her physical therapists to come back stronger than before and with a bunch of new friends. Despite spending months under medical care and with limited physical activity, she continues to mature into a lovely young dog with wonderful house manners.

Episode 4: Time For A Home Of Her Own.

After all she's been through, our girl has now been in care for over a year. Utilizing all the resources they can she, HSSV and her foster family set out to find the ultimate prize - a forever home of her own. She's walking and running again after surgery. She's mastered living with cats, having doggie roommates and being left unattended in the house without eating the sofa.

If you're interested in living with a well rounded up and coming star, call her agent Casaundra at 408.262.2133 ext 183.

For a special look at her in action, check out her video!

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  1. What a news about Mindy! Congrats to her new parents. Thank you everyone who helped in Mindy's rescue, especially Renee for being the best foster mom ever :)