Monday, May 27, 2013

K9 Class of 2013: Our Most Likely To's....

Most Likely To Make Roger Federer Cry.

Beautiful Ganda has wow-ed all of HSSV with her tireless tennis ball retrieval skills. This five-years-young missy definitely has a biiiiiiig future as a ball girl if only Wimbledon would accept her. Keep hitting them - she'll keep bringing them back.

Most Likely To Blossom Into A Party Girl.

Sweet Rose comes across as so shy - new people can be scary to her. But once she's comfortable with you, watch out! This crazy little girl goes nuts with a squeaky toy. Class vote is that once she's getting some TLC from a loving family she's going to be a party on paws.

Most Likely To Be Elected President. Or Possibly Just First Dog.

What doesn't Milton do? He's a perfect gentleman, knows all his commands, loves the water and is even willing to wear silly costumes. He's patient, gentle and kind. Currently recovering from a sports injury, he's looking for a home that can love a diplomatic fellow like himself. Who wouldn't want to see that smiling face every day?

Most Likely To Take Over The Planet

Little big dog Holly is a girl who knows what she wants. She wants a home, preferably one with a big-dog buddy. She wants us to stop referring to her as a small dog - she might weigh seventeen pounds but she's got a hundred pound personality. She also would like a pigs ear. And she'd like all of that RIGHT NOW. If we don't get on it, don't put it past this funny, brilliant dog to stage a coup and get it for herself.

Most Likely To Warm Your Lap And Scare The Bejeebus Out Of A Burglar.

Cuddly little man Dante doesn't believe in barking just for the sake of barking but if someone is near your door he's going to let you know. The security thing is just an added bonus - Dante's main occupation is cuddling, kissing, and keeping you company. Did we mention he's already housebroken as well? He'll keep your lap warm, your house clean and safe and you well loved. Who could say  no?

Want to be Most Likely To Have an Awesome New Family Member? 

The school year maybe over but the summer is just beginning. Help these dogs graduate to alumni status by adopting them for free this weekend!

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