Thursday, December 11, 2014

10 Cats Uninterested in the #hellastorm

Generally, cats are uninterested in most things.  But the current weather in the Bay Area is probably number one on their list right now.  

So don't talk to them about it, they're over it.

1. Colton
The rain bores me.

2. Doreen

Talk to me tomorrow. I can't deal today.

3. Sally and Sara
We're a little too busy getting pretty to worry about the weather, you silly humans you.

4. Chuckers and 5. Foxy Cleo
Hellastorm?  Really?

6. Bonnie
The rain is my enemy.  Can you imagine how long it takes to do this hair in the morning?  Beauty is no joke, people.

7. Kittens
No comment.

8. L.C.
I will not even acknowledge this confounded weather with a glance out the window.  Not for all the crunchies in the kitchen.

9. Obi
The rain.  It soothes me.

What's a rain?

All of these kitties are waiting for their forever homes.  No matter the weather, come in and adopt.  You'll be hella glad you did.


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