Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Five Reasons You Don't Want To Miss Walk 'N Wag This Year.

We're only weeks away from the most dog-tacular, cat-tastic event of the year: Walk 'N Wag. If you haven't signed up yet we have five awesome reasons that you need to right this second. Or the second you finish reading this. 

Affectionate, non-zombie mascot that will not be shooting at you. 
1) We Won't Electrocute You, Shoot Live Ammo At You, Cover You In Foam or Send Zombies After You.

This is kind of a thing now. Ads for 5k's and 10k's now scamper across our Facebook stream with the same frequency as bad cell phone shots of other people's food. Forget horrifying, terrifying obstacles, zombies chasing you or spending weeks washing silly string out of your hair. We're the O.G. of 5K pet friendly walk/run events. This is our 13th year of Walk 'N Wag and we know how to have a good time without having to humiliate you or threaten you with grievous bodily harm.

Plus it's all for a good cause. Did you know the money we raise goes to help the pets in our care find new, loving homes? Not only will you have a good time and get some exercise, you'll be helping little muffins like these find forever homes.

Sleeping muffin. 

Adorable puppy booty muffin. 

2) It's A Good Chance To Actually Like Your Coworkers.

Neither of these folks are awful office mates - we just loved their shirts. 
Sure, Bob makes coffee so weak you might as well be drinking flat Shasta. And Gina in accounting has the annoying whistling thing she does. It might be hard to like your coworkers during work, but Walk 'N Wag has a way of bringing awesome corporate teams together.

Every year companies like SugarCRM, Synaptics and NVIDIA put together teams, raise money and walk together. Youd' be amazed at how much more tolerable Bob's coffee is when you see him fussing over his ancient lab mix. And as for Gina, that adorable Shih-Tzu she's walking with seems to really like that whistling thing she does.

Walking as a team with coworkers is a good chance to chill out and have some fun for a good cause. Plus who knew that your boss looked just like his bulldog? *

3) A Wee Little Chihuahua Dressed As An Airplane. Need We Say More?

Stand clear for take off, people. 
Even if you're not a walker, there's all sorts of crazy fun to be had at Walk 'N Wag. We have a doggy costume contest, raffles, DJ's, vendors, a doggy fun zone, food trucks - the list goes on and on. While everything is awesome, we cannot deny that our favorite extra attraction might be the pet trick and costume contests. Have you ever seen a Pekingese sing country/western songs? You haven't? Ermaghawd. You need to sign up right now. Seriously.

4) You Can Hang With Local Celebs.

We love you guys. 
If you live in the Bay Area and listen to radio, you probably know who Pope and Marla are. What you might not have known, however, is that they're amazing and love pets. Exhibit A:

And we love your dogs.
Aaaaand Exhibit B:

And your dog and your cat. 

We're super lucky that they decided to be our hosts and announcers this year. If you come and don't behave like a super creepy stalker, you can probably go say hi to them. Don't, however, make your dog Pope and Marla costumes under the hopes of meeting them as that would be super creepy stalker behavior.

5) Did We Mention You Can Bring Your Dog?

Which the dog will enjoy. Seriously. 
Not that you would want to bring your dog to one of those live-ammo-shooting, electrocution-chamber races. And just forget the zombie runs - if you're dog barks at the mailman, just imagine what he would do when confronted with the undead.

There are so many things you can't do with your dog these days: most offices don't allow them, nor do most gyms. Taking them to the movies is generally pretty frowned upon, as is bringing them to a massage or a pedicure. Spending quality time with your pet is important. Getting exercise is important. Supporting an organization that helps little nuggets like these:

We can haz forever homes?
find forever homes is also super important. You can do all of these things at once by going to Walk 'N Wag. 

'Nuff said.

*We swear those nice people aren't Bob or Gina, nor are Bob and Gina actual people. The names Bob and Gina are fictional. Unfortunately officemates who whistle and make horrible coffee are all too real for many people. 

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