Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What's More Awesome Than The Chance To Get A Sweater Shaver For $4?

Today is Giving Tuesday - sort of like Black Friday and Cyber Monday except you can actually feel good about it and you're not left with a waffle maker that seemed like a great idea at the time. 

Jackson the Puppy knows adoption counselor KC is on it.
Basically Giving Tuesday harnesses the same feeling that is so ubiquitous on those shopping pseudo-holidays - the idea that spending lots of money makes you generous - and actually does something useful with it. You haven't spoken to weird Uncle Al in six years. You don't need to buy him that Snuggie, no matter how much of a good deal it is. You don't need to have the useless-gift-hangover that comes after dropping your hard earned cash on these things. You do, however, love animals and unlike Uncle Al's Snuggie, the animals will use your gifts. 

Bruno is grateful for the toy but more grateful for the help finding a person to use it with. 
In fact, the animals are going to be ridiculously, absurdly happy with your gifts. Even the ones that don't seem like they'd be a good gig for them at the time. Funding vaccine clinics and medical care might seem the pet equivalent of socks and underwear, gift wise, but the ability to lead a long, healthy life isn't. 

Vet tech Candice can make ouch-y stuff less scary - even that whole thermometer thing.
Our pets are so ecstatic with their gifts that we asked them why Giving Tuesday was a better deal than that Pedi Egg your coworker is never, ever going to use (even if you saw her feet in sandals once and they were terrifying). As you can see, their responses speak for themselves. 

Particularly squirmy bunnies with little white noses. 
Some of them were funny...

Some of them were too adorable for words...

Don't worry new dad - I'll help raise the little hooman properly. 
And some of them were tinged with a bit of sad...

Don't feel bad for me - I'm still a happy girl. 
But all of them speak to what we're able to do with your help. Which is make lives better.

I can haz shoes to poop in? 
If you're feeling so inclined, you can donate here

If you have people on your gift list who are hard to shop for but deserve better than a cheese-cutting set, we have tribute cards

If you know people that are dying for a pet, we also have gift cards that cover the cost of adoptions.

If you're dying for a pet yourself, come see us. Through December 31st, adoption fees on all pets are just $15

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