Thursday, January 7, 2016

Behold The Awesomeness: The Mathematics of Adoption

Why yes, we are awesome.

It's not just us, there's a lot of awesomeness going around. So much that we can quantify the awesomeness in numbers. Numbers like...

That's how many animals went home during our Home For The Holidays promotion between November 27th and December 31st.  That includes...

adult cats who busted out into new homes.


kittens who found themselves forever people.

I can haz forever people? 
Dog-wise, we had...

of our furkids going flying into new homes. Flying like this....

Lovable? Incredibly. Aerodynamic? Not so much. 
But with more grace, more speed and (nominally) less slobber.  As for puppies...

Little instruments of mass destruction (and adorable-ness) wormed their way into the hearts of their new families.

Gimme five...and I pooped in your shoe. 
High five to you, too, little guy. We also can't forget the...

Bunnies, hammies, piggies and ratties who are enjoying their dinner in a new home tonight.

Nom nom nom nom.
All these numbers are great but the real magic is this one:

This is the number of animals we were able to transfer in from crowded municipal shelters in December as a result of all of the adoptions. Animals like Tessa.....

Why yes, I am a little speckle-y.
And Periwinkle.

Obey the kitten. 
There's a strange mathematics to animal adoption. Most people think you adopt an animal, you save that animal. That's one life saved. Right?

Wrong. Check this out:  

This little muffin is Angelo.

Angelo came to us from a municipal shelter in a rural area that gets more pets than adopters. The staff there is amazing and does whatever it can to find safety for it's animals. They gave us a holler and Candy, our fantastic transport coordinator, took our transport van out there and scooped up a bunch of their pets to bring here.  Angelo arrived on that transport. So Angelo is one life saved.

Angelo gets here and he meets his forever people.

Hi new wonderful forever people. 
They're really cool, wonderful forever people, too. And for all the love they give him, he makes their lives better as well. So now we're up to one life saved (Angelo) and two lives made better (his new forever people). That's three. And we're done, right?

Don't take this as an endorsement of any product. 
No, we're not. We're not done at all.

Because when Angelo's forever people took him home, we had an open room. A space for someone else to come it. Maybe even two someones if they're small. Someones like this:

The frog is looking at me funny. 
Or this. 

He's right - the frog is a creeper.
There's one or two MORE lives saved. Now factor in the human lives that those one or two animals are enriching and you're looking at another four or five.

We're not great with numbers.... we find them a bit confusing.

All this math-amatizing is exhausting. 
 But we're pretty sure that one adoption just impacted or saved seven or eight additional lives. 

Which means that it's actually our adopters that make us awesome.

And for that they deserve many kisses.

And a happy dance. 

Thank you!

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  1. Aw!! Yes, the adopters are awesome, but so are you guys! Thanks for all the great work you do there.