Thursday, March 24, 2016

Yes, We Will Fix Your Dog For Free. No, We Won't Use A Woodchipper.

We love poopies*. We really love poopies. How can you not? Look at them:

We might be tiny little monsters but you are POWERLESS over our cute.
Our dedication to spay/neutering has nothing to do with not liking poopies, it has to do with loving poopies. It has to do with math that just doesn't add up. Too many unwanted poopies and dogs, not enough homes. We want to help the numbers add up so there's no more oopsy-poopies. So there's a home for every dog and poopie.

Which is why we're fixing dogs from certain zip codes in San Jose for free.

Fixing? Like fixing hair? Because I'm looking a little Trump-esque,
By fixing we mean spaying and neutering. Heck, we even throw in free shots. Because we're good like that.

Since we announced this program there's been a lot of questions on social media. As social media is best reserved for weightier questions (like "what color is this dress?" and "who is Taylor Swift dating?"), we're going to answer all your free spay/neuter questions here.

Wait...Taylor Swift is dating someone?
What dogs and what zip codes?

The zips are 95111, 95112, 95116, 95122, 95127.
With our buddies at Pets In Need, we'll be doing mobile clinic surgery dates at Home Depot. For mobile clinic dates, it's any dog from those zip codes under 50 lbs.

What about the Milpitas center? What about us lil' guys?
At our Milpitas ACC, it's any chihuahua or chi mix from those zip codes. Stay posted for changes, though. Things evolve quickly.

It just...doesn't seem fair.
Why only those zips?

This is Silicon Valley. We eat, sleep, dream and think in data. What data shows is that the majority of pooches entering Silicon Valley shelters are coming from those zip codes. If we can provide services there, we can feasibly drop shelter intake. Hence less homeless pooches and poopies.

It's already worked - when the project started a few years back it was only for chihuahuas (and mixes)  from those zip codes as that constituted the majority of dogs coming into shelters. Within a few years, intake numbers declined. A generous donor gave us a grant to expand the program to all dogs in those zip codes. 

Still think it's unfair.
But shouldn't you do ALL zips?

In a perfect world, yes. Unfortunately fixing everyone for free is a pretty expensive endeavor and the funding isn't there for it. Hence we're tackling the areas of greatest need - see earlier note re: data driven.  Luckily we do have super-affordable spay/neuter services for all animals at our Milpitas ACC. 

But the free clinics are at Home Depot? I don't want my dog fixed at Home Depot! 

Like where they sell POWER DRILLS???
This has come up A LOT on social media and we need everyone to take a deep breath. Yes, we are doing the spay/neuter clinics at Home Depot on Story Road. Not IN Home Depot. We are not fixing dogs in the lumber aisle using hand tools. Relax. See this?

Hint: It's an RV.
It's a mobile operating room. It belongs to our buddies at Pets In Need and they're cool enough to partner with us on this. 

Home Depot has been awesome enough to let us set up the mobile spay/neuter unit in their parking lot. It looks like a big RV from the outside and inside looks like a fully functioning, sterile surgical suite complete with all the usual surgical tools and staffed by the same amazing vet staff from our medical center here in Milpitas.

Everything is basically the same - same process, same surgery, same drugs. 

The drugs...they are good...
Seriously, it's legit. Lots of love. Fantastic medical staff. Clean facility. No skill saws.

Ermaghawd! Sign me up!
How do I get my pooch on that bus?

So very glad you asked. 

First, call to make an appointment. Our next mobile date is this Saturday, March 26th. Give us a holler at 408.262.2133 ext 380 to schedule. Hablamos espanol tambien. Ll├ímanos at 408.262.2133 ext 381. 

When you make an appointment, our staff will give you pre-surgery instructions. Things like 'don't feed your dog a few hours before' or 'bring him at this time'. Pretty basic stuff. 

Make sure you have proof of residency in one of those zip codes - a utility bill or lease or something. They'll ask for that when you drop them off.

When you drop your dog off, the person checking you in will tell you when to come back and get 'em. Then just go shopping or something until they're ready. It really is that easy. 

This is my grumpy face. 
But I can't make this Saturday!

Don't worry - we've got you. We'll be doing this once a month. Follow us on Facebook - we'll post future dates there. They'll also be on our calendar

But....what about my hair?
And no, we're still not fixing your hair. But we do have a grooming department that might be able to help. 

*As poopies are super-soakers of pee, instruments of mass chew-struction and producers of enormous quantities of poo, this is an entirely appropriate name for them.


  1. Will you be doing the same thing for cats in the future? Why just dogs?

    1. sounds like funding is the issue. you can make a donation for spaying on their website.

  2. Hi Lisa! The program is still evolving so stay posted for updates.

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  4. LOVE what you are doing to help the poopies, and reducing unwanted teeny poopies!! <3