Friday, July 28, 2017

Three Meat-heads That Make Us Swoon.

So lumpy yet so sleek. So active yet so cuddly. So infinitely smooshable yet so....smooshy. They're....

What? What am I? Aside from waiting for you to throw that ball.

And we have a fresh crop of them waiting for foster or permanent homes. This might be our most exciting group of pibbly-bulldog pooches EVER and we want you to meet three that set our hearts all a-flutter.

Courtesy of pinterest. Because, well, LOVE. 
What ARE you, Moose?

Snorty. I am very, very snorty. And fluffy. 
Oh, Moose. Your lineage is more mixed up than a smoothie. What made you? The yodeling, the snorting, the long silky coat — we are befuddled and enamored all the same time. The best guess we have is English Bulldog/Australian Shepherd. You snore. You fart. You herd. You are so uncivilized but we just can't resist ourselves. We understand that some of it (the jumping, the shoes-are-not-chew-toys thing) is a product of your youth. At ten months old, you can barely be expected to have Downtown Abbey manners but you still need some charm school. Even still, you have us not only wrapped around your meaty paw but also firmly entrenched in your drooly, endlessly squishable cheek folds.

Who can resist the cheeks of smoosh? 
The Diplomat: Bayou

Kids are cool. I dig kids. 
You're a playgroup rockstar. A Doggy Day Out favorite. A snuggle muffin. A gentleman. Why, Bayou, have you not found your people yet? We know you cannot stand the shelter life. At some point during your five years on this big, crazy orb you had a family that treated you well and we can tell. We know you don't show well here because you don't like it. We know pooches like you get overlooked a lot at the shelter. Maybe this humble little missive will make someone ask about you when they stop in. In the meantime we'll just keep sending you to playgroup and on your Doggy Day Outs so folks can stumble upon you in the real world, where your awesomeness is on full display.

Behold the ears of joy. 
Summer and her never ending smile.

Kisses? Lots of kisses? Anyone?
The more lemons life hands you, dear Summer, the more lemonade you insist on making. You are a veritable lemonade factory and we couldn't love you more for it. You came to us covered in ticks and with infected ears. Even still, the only time you stopped smiling was when you took some much deserved power naps while recovering from the streets. Or fields. Or where ever it was that you picked up that legion of ticks. Now clean, healthy and recovered you truly are a ray of sunshine, an eternal optimist and a dog of the people. You love to par-tay with the other big pooches. You've charmed the pants off of corporate volunteer groups. We know there's a home out there with a Summer-sized hole in it and we're just waiting for them to show up. 

It's almost the weekend and what are you up to, seriously? Why not stop in and cuddle a blockhead? They're waiting. With ginormous, meat-head smiles. Come by!


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