Friday, November 17, 2017

Not Jerry Needs to Talk to You About Something

Listen, we need to talk about senior pets. 

Who, me?

 Yes, you, Jim. In our view, seniors are pretty awesome.

What about me? Aren't I awesome?

Yes, Random Puppy, you're awesome too. But awesome in a "chew everything in sight, fingerpaint in your own poop, sing the song of your people" kind of way. 

The horror! The indecency! 
We know, Marilyn, you would never stoop to that level. Like a lot of senior buds, your manners are on point and your politeness is impeccable. 
 Exactly. Dignity, people.
That's not to say seniors aren't fun or playful. 
You better not be saying that. Because fun is my middle name. Or it would be, if I had one.
Seniors, like all animals, come in a lot of different shapes, sizes, and personality traits. And we have a big variety here just waiting to go home with you.

Like me! Pick me. I'm awesome.

Yes, Not Jerry, you're one of the coolest seniors around. But back to the point. We have tons of awesome seniors right now (dogs and cats!) who would love to go home with you and wouldn't create artwork out of their poop or scale your curtains.  
You're darn right. Curtain climbing is childish.
This week we're celebrating senior pets and all their mature, housebroken glory. Through Tuesday, 11/22, adoption fees for cats and dogs over 6 years old are only $50. And we'll have an extra special Senior Showcase at our Milpitas ACC this Saturday from 11am-12pm. Tons of awesome senior dogs will be romping in our dog park showing you their social skills and hoping to tempt you into giving them forever digs. Let them tempt you. Visit us soon.

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