Friday, August 17, 2018

5 Animals You Shouldn't Miss at Clear the Shelters

We get it. Clear the Shelters is hectic. There are a ton of amazing animals, all of them needing and deserving great homes. And it's hard to choose. 

Lucky for you, we're making it a little easier. We've handpicked 5 of our favorite animals at HSSV to give you a headstart.

Let's start with:

1) Tulip, the Snortiest Flower


Usually Tulip looks like this. She likes to keep a smile on her face, because she's nothing if not optimistic. Wiggly, snorty, cuddlebug Tulip is ready to show you why you should be first in line to meet her. 


She understands the finer things in life. Like treats.

And she's a pro grass-lounger.

If you decide to meet her, her face will probably look like this: 

Come see me, pretty pwease.

Next up....

2) Buddy the Buddy

Buddy is a bit of a legend around here, as far as kittens go. She's got a fiery, fun personality and also does a great impersonation of a shadow.

Do you mind if I follow you around?

She's got a bit of an eye issue but she's hoping someone will come looking for a sweet, unique kitty like her. After all, famous kitties always have something unique about them. And she would be great as an Instagram star.

3) Jolie the Lap Queen

Looking for a cat that's pretty and smart? Look no further than Jolie. She's so friendly that we've declared her the official greeter of the Sunshine Room (the community cat room at HSSV where tons of cat-friendly cats live together).

This blanket is comfy but your lap would be even better.

She's TINY (seriously), a major lap queen, and knows a thing or two about beating up those wand toys.

4) Sparky the Firecracker


Sparky's a big fan of the beach. He's used to taking long walks by the beach with his favorite people, and hopes someone will take him to the beach again soon.

He's super smiley, loves to talk when he's excited, and is a champion toy-tugger.

5) Lucy, the Most Curvalicious

She's curvy. Bootylicious. And those ears just don't quit. 

Can we hold hands?

She'd prefer to be as close to you as possible, if ya don't mind.

She's super sweet, a serial grass-roller, and likes to play with well-matched dogs. You really just need to meet this happy girl. 

Have we convinced you? We sure hope so. These are just a few of the many insanely awesome animals you definitely need to meet to believe. Come down to any of our locations today through Sunday to adopt - $40 for dogs, $10 for cats, $20 for kittens, and waived fees for rabbits and pocket pets. Don't get FOMO - come see us!

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