Monday, October 8, 2018

Keeping Up with HSSV

Keeping up with us and everything we're up to is starting to feel like Keeping Up with the Kardashians (except way more relevant to your life, and there are cute animals involved, and no weird made-up arguments for publicity...and ok maybe it's really nothing like that reality show after all). But you're in luck - we're here to give you the low-down on all the exciting things happening here!

And so we welcome you to this special episode of:

First up on our list - Tails & Ales is almost here! This fun, family and dog-friendly event is the perfect kickoff to get you excited for fall. Join us this Saturday, October 13 from 11am-4pm at Mitchell Park in Palo Alto! Buy your tickets here.

Featuring breweries like Lagunitas Brewing Company, wineries such as Hook & Ladder Winery, food trucks with a variety of different options, activities like face painting, t-shirt tie dye stations, tons of local vendors where you can shop and buy cool merch, and so much more - this event is sure to be a blast!

Dogs are welcome! Or, if you'd like, meet one of the many adoptable dogs we'll have onsite all day. See you there! 

Next up - we're celebrating OktoberFest in style - with a very special KatoberFest! Through 10/14, cats and kittens at each of our locations can be adopted for only $10. Get out those lederhosen, grab a mug of liquid gold, and adopt! 

And while we don't like to play favorites, those needing a nudge in the right direction for their new cat should look no further than Roxie. For the true cat lover, Roxie is the answer. She's sweet, sassy, and just a little bit nutty (you should see her climb a wall). She gets more height than a trapeze walker and would love to go home with some peeps who are in need of a job as professional wand-wavers.

Come on, swing that fake mouse. I'm ready.

More of a dog person? We have you covered. During our Dancing Chis promotion running through 10/14, you can name your own adoption price when you adopt your favorite dancing Chi (6 months and older)! Grab your dancing shoes and get ready to boogie, because our Chis are flossin'. 

Need some inspiration? Meet Bonnie and Clyde, our senior duo with tons of personality. Bonnie's a guru of all things fetch - she'll play for hours. Clyde is more of a guru in lounging and belly rubs, and will happily keep you company. Come meet these dancin' cuties!

And that's all, folks. We hope the recap of all things HSSV has you feeling excited to celebrate fall with us! Of course, you can always keep up with us and everything we're doing on our website, Facebook, and Instagram. Don't miss a thing!

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