Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Whatever it takes!

by Elena Battles, COO & Feline Fan(atic!)

We've been blogging alot about cats these days. Truth is, each of us here at HSSV has feline-on-the-brain right now. It's kitten season- the time of year when cat breeding peaks and thousands of homeless kittens find their way to shelters as a result. And in case you hadn't noticed, kittens are cute. Darn cute. They scamper. They wrestle. They bat their eyelashes. Just look at Noodles here, a kitten available for adoption at HSSV. Are you kidding me with those whiskers?

It's just too easy for the amazing adult cats looking for homes to be overlooked when they're bunking next to cuties like Noodles. So today we launched a new promotion to encourage adopters to take a second look. Between now and August 31st, anyone adopting a cat 2 years old and over will receive a $125 gift card for any HSSV service- it can even be used toward the adoption fee! As a nonprofit organization, we depend on our adoption fees to provide for the animals in our care, BUT the cats need us to get creative. Whatever it takes!

Let's start with Pretzel. You can't tell me she's not as adorable as Noodles. And she can scamper and bat those eyelashes with the best of them, trust me.

Ready to help? Adopt. Share this post. Spread the word. Thank you!

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