Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Self-Absorbed? Over-Weight? Stressed Out? Try Fostering!!

by Jeanne Wu, VP of Humane Resources

If ever there was a magic elixir to cure our ailments, frets, and the day to day annoyances that plague our lives, it’s a litter of homeless kittens. From the moment they come into your life, you will spend your day (and sometimes nights) caring for these precious balls of fur. You’re now Mom and they’re looking lovingly into your eyes.

The task ahead of you can be both exciting and humbling. Suddenly, a small, helpless creature depends upon you for their survival. No time for narcissism now, you’ve got meaningful work to do!

As they grow, ounce by hard-earned ounce, they become more lively and playful; they will become your real-time treadmill around your home, as you enthusiastically follow them while they discover every nook and cranny with fascination. Why invest in expensive exercise equipment when you’ve got kittens?

Now let’s put your problems into perspective. Unless you’re wondering where your next meal is coming from or have no roof over your head, the kittens’ problems trump yours. Yes, it’s a tough economy and you may have good reason for feeling blue, but does your ability to have a nice life depend upon your cuteness? So, get yourself some foster kittens. It’s the most fun you’ll ever have.

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