Sunday, September 5, 2010

Jacques Had Life-Saving Heart Surgery and Now Needs a Home

By Amber N. Yoo, HSSV Volunteer

Every now and then the veterinarians at Humane Society Silicon Valley come across a special animal that needs life-saving surgery. This was the case for Jacques, a shy, lovable 1-year-old Papillon mix who was found roaming the streets trying to fend for himself.

Jacques had a severe heart murmur and subsequent chest x-rays revealed an enlarged heart. Without surgery to correct the problem, Jacques was destined for an abbreviated and painful life. At other shelters, dogs like Jacques wouldn’t be considered “adoptable.” But at HSSV, the staff goes to extreme lengths to save lives. In this case, the vet team partnered with a cardiologist at Veterinary Medical Specialists to provide open-heart surgery on little Jacques. It’s a risky surgery, but Jacques fought alongside HSSV for his new lease on life. He survived the surgery and was placed in a loving foster home where he received around-the-clock care as he slowly recovered.

Unfortunately, as Jacques grew stronger, another problem revealed itself; Jacques was extremely afraid of strangers, especially men. His fear was so severe that staff asked Daphne Robert-Hamilton, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer for K9 Partnership, if she would be willing to foster him through her Board-and-Train program so that he could start to learn to trust again. Daphne agreed and Jacques has made terrific progress.

We know there is still a long road ahead for Jacques to overcome his troubled past, but we also believe there is a family out there who may be ready to welcome Jacques into their hearts. The ideal family will patiently work with Jacques to build his trust and Daphne has generously offered free behavioral consultations with his adopters to help him keep moving in the right direction.

Please, help us find Jacques a home of his own. He is sweet, playful, and very smart. If you or someone you know is ready to join Jacques on his journey, contact Casaundra Cruz at 408-262-2133 ext. 183 or Jeri Seiden @ ext. 185.

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