Friday, August 19, 2011

Princess (Part One of Four)

By Jamie Morgan, Satellite Adoption Manager

As much as we try to focus on the happy stories we wouldn’t be doing the work we do if there wasn’t sadness to be fixed. Princess’s story starts out like most fairy tales, finding our heroine at her at the lowest point.

It was many months ago in late September that a bundle of black and white fur was brought into our intake lobby. Almost a week had gone by since the fluffy cat had been attacked by a dog and her bite wounds were severe and many. Unable to provide the care she needed her family surrendered her to HSSV.

Our vet staff went straight to work and x-rays told us just how deep her bites went. Her right back leg was too infected to save, but she was able to keep her left ear which had been badly injured along with her neck. Princess may have been down a leg that first night, but she was warm, safe, and had a host of veterinary drugs to easy her pain and rid her of infection.

A month into her stay she was healthy enough to find a new home and was put up for adoption. We celebrated when she was adopted a week later. We had no idea this was not going to be end of Princess’s story.

Want to know what came next for Princess? Come back next week as we continue her story.

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