Friday, August 26, 2011

Princess (Part Two of Four)

by Jamie Morgan, Satellite Adoption Manager

When we last left Princess she’d been adopted into a new home, but sometimes things don’t turn out the way we plan.

Princess had begun her recovery a little reluctantly. While she was able to stand on three legs, the 7 year old had difficulty adjusting. Unlike dogs that can often take to carts or other ambulatory aids, cats being cats, often times resist such devices. Being unable to perform normal tasks can be very frustrating and when Princess gets frustrated she has a very unlady-like habit of taking it out on those around her. I am sure we can all relate to that at one point. Her mouth got her into trouble and she was returned into our care after one too many nips on the hand.

This brings our story up to the week of Christmas and from then until Valentine’s Day she waited for here Prince to come. By February, we figured a change of location might be best for her. She was transferred to our Saratoga Satellite where our staff and volunteers could give her some one-on-one attention.

Her mornings were filled with the bustle of feeding and cleaning, her afternoons greeting visitors and accepting the gentle combing of her long locks. She slowly became more accepting of our hands on her as she learned touching could be soft and kind. She’s not completely gotten over her “cattitude”, but we have been helped her increase her threshold for handling. What really helped her come out of her shell was yet to come, but it was something I know always makes me feel better.

Come by next week and find out more about our lovely lady’s makeover!

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