Saturday, September 3, 2011

Princess (Part Three of Four)

By Jamie Morgan, Satellite Adoption Manger

Princess had changed castles but still no one had come to carry her off to a far away land of happily ever after.

It was in mid-May when we realized it wasn’t just our Satellite Center that was in need of some spring-cleaning. Resistant to daily grooming on her own or by our hands, Princess had developed a lot of tangles. It was time for a trip back to our Animal Community Center for a hair cut!

A lion-cut is the grooming option of choice for a long-haired cat in the warmer months who doesn’t like to DIY at bath time. Princess was shaved all the way down to her pink skin leaving her head, feet, and tail end in fluffy tufts. You may think this sudden nakedness would cause our girl some embarrassment, but the opposite occurred. Free of all that fur she started moving around more and found she enjoys massages now that hands can get closer to her body.

The sight of a shaved cat can be a little alarming for some, but it’s still much too warm for sweater season. We are hoping Princess finds a new home before we have to start up the knitting needles and create her a winter clothing line.

We’ve gotten to know Princess very well in her time with us. She prefers to be the only four three-legged animal in the home and likes petting on her terms. She may be a little picky about her ideal new home, but just like the Princess and Pea, the littlest thing not to her liking can make her a little cranky. After all she’s been through, we think if she needs to hold out for her perfect home, it’s the least we can do to find it for her.

What can you do for Princess? Share her story with family and friends; it’s her glass slipper. Maybe someone will pick it up and find they are the right fit to give Princess her fairy tale ending.

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  1. I hope she finds a home soon. I will put out the word.