Tuesday, September 27, 2011

HSSV Guests and their Favorite Things! (Part 1)

Hi! My name is MILTON and my favorite things are...receiving belly rubs, playing tug, curling up next to you for snuggle-time, playing fetch, hanging out with kids, and ummmmm…did I mention that I enjoy belly rubs?

Hi! My name is CHEEKS and my favorite things are...having my cheeks rubbed (go figure!), lounging on my cat tree, chasing my toy mouse, purring nonstop, and eating wet food. Mmmmm…I’m hungry.

Hi! My name is SHARPIE and my favorite things are...making cute faces, receiving pats and bum scratches, and going out for walks. Some say I’m too mellow for my own good, but I’ll really perk up for a good walk!

Hi! My name is CHENEY-MAE and my favorite things are...lounging in laps, spending time with my feline buddies, chasing feather wands, and settling in for a thorough chin scratching session!

Hi! My name is LANCELOT and my favorite things are...playing with (and okay, sometimes teasing) other doggies, chasing toys, snuggling after a play session, and telling tall tales about how I got my “mini ear”.

Hi! My name is BANDIT and my favorite things are...curling up into a tiny ball and wedging myself into hidey-holes, chasing feather wands, climbing my cat tree, and snuggling with my favorite HSSV volunteers.


  1. I love Milton! He's such an amazing boy!

  2. I hear tell that Lancelot got his "mini ear" in the war fighting commie nazis.