Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Volunteer Spotlight: Bella

Are you looking for a walking buddy to start off the new year? Our volunteers just had to share why Bella is their favorite on and off leash.
  • She's a loose leash champ, the only time she'll pull is when you aren't moving fast enough to start her walk.
  • While sidewalks are full of fun things to sniff, she's really in her element on the trail. Ears up and tail wagging looking for a good spot to roll around.
  • She's a 60 lb lap dog. Sometimes she gets nervous and needs a good cuddle. One time Bella feel asleep during our session with her head in my lap!
Bella has lots of friends at our Animal Community Center, join them for a walk today and maybe she'll harness your heart too.

For more information on any of our animals, call us at 408-262-2133 x 150 or email at adoptions@hssv.org.


  1. Bella loves to play and then sit in your lap for petting and kisses. She is a strikingly beautiful dog. I love spending time with Bella.

  2. I've seen Bella at HSSV several times, she's really is a beautiful dog!

  3. And she looks quite classy sporting her pink argyle jacket...always the lady.