Sunday, November 6, 2011

Volunteer Spotlight: Sesame

Our volunteers just had to share why Sesame adds spice to their lives....
  • Because she’s a great listener. If you put down a blanket to curl up on, she'll come over to hear about your day or enjoy a chapter or two of light reading.
  • Because she’s self-assured. She will always let you know what she wants. No matter if your legs are asleep, if she’s not done cuddling neither are you.
  • Because she’s a foodie. Sticking her nose up at our natural food selections, she’ll be sure to let you know when her bowl of Friskies needs a refill.
Stop by our Animal Community Center and fall in love with the darling of Apartment 152.

For more information on any of our animals, call us at 408-262-2133 or email at

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