Wednesday, November 28, 2012

She's Supposed To Look Like That....

What does Rapunzel look like? 

Her head sort of looks like an avocado. They're both a bit wrinkly and almost black. Hopefully whatever avocados you're eating don't have hair on them. Even soft, fine, silky hair like Rapunzel's hair as that'd be gross. Though her head looks like an avocado, her personality is more akin to peach. Soft, a little fuzzy but very, very sweet. 

From A Different Angle?

 At times she sort of looks like a Gremlin. She has the little mohawk and the bat ears. Unlike gremlins she's not afraid of water or sunlight. In fact she loves to go for walks, day or night, and with her coat bathing and grooming would be a snap. Think of her more as Gizmo - she loves laps, looks adorable dressed in clothes and really wants to spend time with you.

What About At Play?

Mostly she looks like a Xoloitzcuintli. Try pronouncing that three times fast - or even once. It's better to use the more common name for the breed, the Xolo or Mexican Hairless dog. Rapunzel is likely a mix of Xolo and something else, possibly chihuahua. Xolos are the national dog of Mexico and have a long and storied history. The breed can be traced back over three thousand years and was held sacred by the Mayans, the Aztecs and the Toltecs. Columbus even wrote about them in his journals, describing them as 'strange' and 'hairless'. Shame on you Columbus. We prefer to describe Rapunzel as 'unique', 'loving' and 'having a low maintainence coat'.

Forget Blondes, Balds Have More Fun!

 For more information about Rapunzel or to meet her in person please come down or give us a call today.

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  1. Well our little avocado, peach of a girl is sure going to be missed. Little Miss Whisper and Punz are going to have a ball together.