Thursday, June 19, 2014

Apparently We Need A Refresher Course On 'Adopt-Me' Face.

Maui, please put your tongue away. We see a lot of your tongue. You're such a nice girl and it makes you look a little silly. Plus we worry about flies or something getting stuck to it.

A potato? Really? 
Okay, that's not perfect but it's an improvement.

Not only is Maui a shorty-snorty couch potato, she actually looks like a potato when she sleeps. And she sleeps a lot. The only thing better than sleeping is sleeping next to you while you pat her. Or lying in the shade in the yard while you pat her. Or doing anything that involves being recumbent while getting attention. And with her little wiry tail going thumpa-thumpa.

What are you looking at? 
Daisy, stop looking so dubious about everything. And cover your teeth.

My friend said the teeth give me character...
Okay, not much better. And sorry about the tooth comment. We didn't realize it was an orthodontic issue. Really, it's adorable.

Daisy (AKA Princess Underbite) always looks like she's a little unsure of what's going on. And right now she kind of is - this in-a-shelter thing takes some getting used to. It's understandable. You know what she is sure of? Her deep and abiding love of lap time. Lap time in front of the TV, lap time while you're reading, lap time while you work - bring it on. She's got your lap covered. Mondo-sweetypants.

Hailey: looking a little wolf-like. Kind of intimidating. You're such a sweet girl but that one blue eye looks a little crazy at times.

I'm not crazy! Not crazy! Kissy! Not crazy!
Awww, see? That's much better. That's good - enough kisses. No one needs a face wash in the dog park...oh never mind...

Poor Hailey was a hot mess when she arrived. She was very wary of anyone coming near her and would avoid them. She's doing better now but it still takes a while for her to warm up. You know what she does love, though? Other dogs. She'll happily buddy up with any pooch who can make her feel more comfortable around her surroundings. Aside from her shyness, this girl is a party on paws. Play play play.

You know what our favorite face is? Yours, when you come in to meet our awesome pooches. For more information about any of these guys or to see who else is waiting to make faces for you, check out our website.

Kimbo, we're not sure what's happening here but we're not even going to discuss it right now...

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