Thursday, June 5, 2014

Best. Weekend. Ever: The Post Maddies' Days Dog Blog.

How awesome were Maddie's Pet Adoption Days? We'll give you a hint:

Still not getting it? 

Hint hint....
To say there were a lot of adoptions was an understatement. 

To be precise, there were 240 adoptions. Including Bolt, the yelling puppy.

When the day started people and dogs were lined up outside the door. The people were there to pick out one of our awesome pooches and their dogs came with them to make sure they approved of the choice. 

Meanwhile, the HSSV dogs were aflutter with anticipation. McDoogal was practically vibrating he was so excited...

Is it almost time? Are the people here yet? Are they? Are they?
And just forget the puppies, they were beside themselves. 

You need to open that door and you need to open it now. Seriously.
And then the doors opened and the people came flooding in and the magic started to happen. 

Lucy, who had worked so hard on her 'Adopt Me' face, was snapped up within hours by a family who admired her hard work. 

It worked! It worked! I knew it would!
Mellie met her her match with a quiet family with another micro-chi.

Out of my way, photog. I'm headed HOME. 
Eli had been on a trial adoption and on the big day he and his new person made it official. 

My lap. Mine mine mine mine. For good. 
As much as Nala loved our pool and volunteers, she decided she loved New Family's car just as much. 

So long and thanks for all the tennis balls. 

Though she did stop long enough to give staff member and buddy Lynn a quick hug on her way out the door. 

And Misty was just delighted to get a lift out the door. 

Oh, and did we mention.....

Redundancy, again. 

By the time all was said and done, 240 dogs, cats and rabbits had been adopted. Every single adoptable dog at our facility was in a new home. Which meant we had to put the adoption staff and volunteers up for adoption. Obviously they weren't happy about this, but we were sure that we could find them new homes, too. 

They're nice people. Surely someone will want them. Most of them are even housebroken.
Unfortunately no one wanted them so we'll just have to keep them busy here. 

The good news is with a completely empty shelter we were able to send our transfer truck to other shelters and pick up pets that were running out of time. Including this pair of puppies that are so cute they almost make our eyes bleed. 

I can has mondo cuteness? 
But thank you to everyone who volunteered, adopted, shared, thought-good-thoughts, wished, hoped and talked about Maddie's Pet Adoption Days. We did it!

Yes, Bolt. We know. 

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