Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The HSSV Dogs Practice Their Adopt Me Faces For Maddie's Pet Adoption Days.

Hey guys - we need your attention. 

This is either a reminder or a huge announcement depending on whether you've been paying attention....Luci, Desi, can you please get up for a second? This is important.

We're napping. We're napping very, very hard. 
And Peanut, Max, can you please stop talking for a second and listen?

This better be important. Max was just telling me who peed on that bush.
Thank you. As you may have heard, this weekend is Maddie's Pet Adoption Days. What that means is all adoptions are free. 

Whaaaat? We're up now! We're really up.
We knew that would wake you up. This would be a very, very good time to practice your 'Adopt Me' faces as most of you will be going to your forever homes this weekend. 

Right, Adopt Me face. Like this?
Nicely done, Lucy. Very good. While you guys practice your Adopt Me face, there are three things dog adopters will need to bring home their new pooch this weekend. 

What about working the plaintive angle. Can I try that?
Peanut, I'm going to say let's avoid the sad beagle eyes. Can you try again? And get your brother in the picture?

You're probably right. Does this work? We're channelling our inner 'Adopt Us'.
That's perfect. The first thing adopters need to know is that we need to have the whole family there. Everyone who lives in the house has to come in to meet the new family member. But Mogo's BBQ Truck will be there, as will Miss Silicon Valley, so it'll be a good time for all.

I'm going to try the 'this is how I would look getting a belly rub in your home' look.
Buddy, I really like the contented, look. I think that's good, taking the 'Adopt Me' Face in a different direction. The second thing adopters need to know is to bring a driver's license or photo ID to bring your new friend home. We need to know who you are before we send someone else home with you.

Ermaghawd! Free adoptions! Going home! Adopt Me face! Like this?
Karma, I appreciate your enthusiasm but you look a little crazy. Can you tone it down just a wee bit?

See? That's way better. People can see what a happy girl you are without it looking like you just had a triple espresso. The third thing people need to bring is the resident pooch. We want to make sure everyone gets along, so if your new arrival will have canine siblings, bring 'em on it. We have dog cookies and water and we'll pretend not to notice if you let them have a bite of your Mogos. 

Should we fancy up a bit for this? So they notice us?
Luna, that's a new harness. Looking SNAPPY! Did you get that just for this weekend? And Phoebe, we appreciate the smile. No way you guys won't find your forever home this weekend. 

Potential adopters should NOT bring resident cats. Cats and dogs do better with a slooooooow intro at home. Trust us on this. And cats are notoriously poor travelers. All the Mogos in the world will not make them happy about a field trip. 

I call this my Pac Man Smile.
Faye, that's adorable. Nice smile. Thank you guys for putting in such great effort. Hopefully come Monday you'll all be in your forever homes. 

Don't make them have practiced in vain - if you've been thinking about getting a pet, this is your weekend. Our rabbits and cats are also practicing their Adopt Me faces as ALL adoption fees are waived at all three of our locations. All the deets are here.

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