Sunday, May 4, 2014

Working Cats for Hire!

Here at Humane Society Silicon Valley, we believe in giving every animal a second chance.  Whether it be an animal with specific medical needs, an animal that needs special behavioral care, or even an overlooked animal stuck in a neighboring shelter running out of time, it is our goal to give each of them the attention and care they deserve.

In an effort to meet (and exceed!) this goal, we have developed the 

Working Cat Program! 

Every year, a number of cats come through our doors that would not be happy in a traditional home environment because they are anti-social with humans, thus making them not adoptable as pets.  The Working Cat Program gives these unique cats another option in life -- to live outdoors as garden cats.  In exchange for food and shelter, these cats will control the rodent population in a barn, warehouse, garden or nursery setting in an environment they will feel most comfortable in.

At HSSV, we have created a one-of-a-kind Community Cat Garden where these adoptable garden cats can wait out their stay with us chasing bugs, basking in the sun, and keeping their distance from strangers.  This takes the stress out of being confined indoors while they wait to be adopted.

"I'll be waiting here!" -- Jimmyjack
All of our garden cats are vaccinated, spayed/neutered, microchipped, and FELV/FIV tested.  If you have a safe, outdoor space and are interested in our Working Cat Program, give us a call at 408-262-2133 ext. 150.  Our staff can prepare you to transition these cats that would otherwise have nowhere else to go.  Help us save more lives -- spread the word about HSSV's working cats!

The Community Cat Garden at HSSV:

The garden is full of bushes and shrubs for cats to hide in, but is also people-friendly 
with benches and chairs to get the kitties used to human company.

Outdoor structures provide stimulation,
closed cat traps stay out to help the cats adjust to their presence.

Transition kennels help new cats safely acclimate to their new home.
Fresh water in bowls all over the garden.
Meals brought out twice a day!

Covered litterboxes as an option for cats to use.

Lots and lots of hidden hidey-holes!

Looking to hire?  Sebastian, Madeline, Sharona, and Jimmyjack are all looking for a full-time gig.  Learn more about our garden cats today!

408-262-2133 ext. 150


  1. If you are on rural property, you need to 'hire' a working cat. They are nature's answer to pest control. Spayed/neutered, of course. What the heck, adopt two :-)

  2. What an ingenious idea. Win-win. Thankyou.