Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Forget Pharrell, The HSSV Dogs Give You Nine Great Reasons To Be Happy.

Yup, it's the number one most popular video in the country right now. Yup, it does make every single person in the world want to clap their hands and dance down the street. But you don't need to look to Hollywood for inspiration on how to be happy - you've got a lot of happy right in your own backyard. Our amazing adoptable pooches give you nine reasons to be absolutely psyched to be alive today. And if you want a partner in happy, they're more than willing to join you. 

How about a lindy hop in the hyacinth?

1) Because it's spring and there are flowers.
Forget dancing down a busy street - that's a one way ticket to an embarrassing encounter with the police and possibly a mental health worker. It's spring! It's California! There are flowers everywhere! The lovely Cara will happily show you the joy of doing a little cha-cha in the daisies.

I've done this 25 times and I'm STILL pleased to meet you.
2) Because you have someone to hold your hand. Or paw.

Or maybe you just met someone new and awesome and got to shake their hand. Or their paw. Either way, hand to hand/paw contact usually means either the start of something new and good or the established comfort of a loved one. Neeko likes to give paws, by the way. He's just sayin'.....

Forget the Keratin, it's all about volume.
3) Because you have fantastic hair.

Really, your hair just looks great. Sure, it sticks up in some places and maybe it's growing out of a bad haircut but no one - no one - has hair that looks like yours. And you did a really good job with it today. You know who else has awesome hair? Lancelot. And he doesn't shed.

Best. Flamingo. EVER.
4) Because you have awesome stuff.

We all know that money doesn't buy happiness but everything has one thing that they really enjoy. Maybe it's a camping tent, a sporty car, your television, a really good book, whatever. Maybe it's not expensive but it makes you happy. Maybe it's the world's coolest stuffed flamingo with little rope legs, like Boogie-Woogie's. That really is an awesome stuffed flamingo - there are so many fun things to do with it - and Boogie would love to show you them.

I lurf you.
5) Because you have great friends.

Friends that like to go out and do cool things or are just willing to sit and listen when you need an ear. Friends that know your favorite things - bad movies, thrift shopping, freeze dried chicken - and are happy to humor you. We all need friends like that. Woody is a great friend, by the way. You probably need a friend like Woody.

You call it 'greying', I call it 'accentuating shading'.
6) Because you make middle age look GOOD.

You can outpace people half your age. Sure, you have a little bit of gray around the ears (and muzzle) but you look fantastic. You're full of energy, happy and a lot smarter than you were in your puppy years. You've figured out when to listen, when to chill out and when to chase the ball. Sort of like Cinnamon.

Let's do that run where they throw paint at us - I'm wash and wear!
7) Because you're going to do that 5K/Bay to Breakers/10K trail run this year.

You've got your training schedule dialed in, you love the feel of the wind on your face and the euphoria of being breathless. Sure, you've never done one before but this is your year. You know who wants to help you train? Nemo, that's who. He'll go completely airborne to help you meet your goal.

How about I have my me time and you have your you time together?
8) Because you know when to recharge and relax in your own space.

Sure, being social is fun but it can wear on you. You know the value of taking a breather, stealing some moments to yourself or hunkering down in a comfy, quiet place after an exciting day. Sort of like Lora, who likes to chill in her crate after an exciting game of fetch but would be more than happy to hunker down on the sofa with you post-fetch instead.

Look - eyes, ears - who cares? I'm just a happy dude.
9) Because no one is perfect, but a lot of people are fantastic.

This is Astro. He was featured on our Facebook page a while ago and the crowd went wild. Yup, he was ten years old and yup, he was missing an eye and a good chunk of his ear but it didn't stop him from being a ridiculously joyful, sweet, squeaky-toy addict. Which this fantastic family recognized in him immediately and took him home. So there's nothing that can be said to sell you on Astro because he's already home.

And we think that's pretty darn happy.

You know what else makes us happy? Photography volunteer Jackie MacMillan, who took the amazing pics that inspired this blog. And video volunteer Elizabeth Laverty who made all the videos so you can watch these guys move in real time. 

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