Wednesday, April 9, 2014

All The Cool Kids Are Winking: Rise Of The One Eyed Dogs!

Every now and then at HSSV we'll see an odd glut of certain animals: a clump of Corgis, a passel of Persians, a bevy of Bengals, a mess of Maltese. Some type or category of animal that isn't terribly common but we randomly wind up with a group of them from different sources. Animal shelter convergence, such as it were. In the past month or so we've had a horde of huskies, all of which have gone on to great homes. And just when we wondering what the next group would be, we looked around and noticed an odd number of eyes staring back at us. 

We are wall to wall winkers. 

Hey kiddo - want to come throw this toy for me?
Smiling, happy, well adjusted one eyed dogs. As with Walt, our amazing three legged pup (who has gone on to a fantastic new home), there's a silly, ridiculous rumor that one eyed dogs are damaged or sad in some way. Not true. 

Look! It's a cameo! These one eyed kids are alright!
Unlike people, dogs tend not to get as distressed over losing an eye or a limb. One of the things we love best about dogs is that they don't play the 'what if' game and they don't worry about what other dogs are thinking. 

"Why can't I be more like Buffy the Golden Retriever down the street who has two eyes?" said no dog, ever.

Same with 'why me?'. Dogs just sort of live in the moment. 

Like Luna, who is just psyched to be hanging out outside on a nice day. 

Hot dogs. Hot dogs would make this day perfect. 
Or Astro, who can't wait to show you his awesome stuffed crabby toy. 

The snowman is pretty cool, too. Want to throw it for me? 
In fact our one-eyed wonders are such happy, awesome pooches that we're starting to notice impostors popping up. 

I'm just like the cute long haired one! I swear!
Lulu, that's a flower. We KNOW you have both your eyes. 

 I can't just close one eye. Is this convincing?

Cora, that's just pathetic. Look, Luna is laughing at you.

Cora, we love you but you're ridiculous.
While it's always sad when an animal has an illness or sustains an injury that necessitates us removing an eye, it's not the end of the world for them. Most pets, including all of our one eyed pooches here, aren't traumatized by it. They just go on having fun, chasing their toys, and getting patted. Sure, they have a little less depth perception but no one is perfect. 

While we don't have any winking cats right now, we do have an assortment of super outgoing, friendly cats who are just having awful hair days. 

Really? Weren't you done looking at butts last week?
To meet any of our awesome adoptables, click here.

Chico is our new kid on the block - he doesn't have a video yet but you can come experience him in person.

Luna is bonded with her best friend Phoebe. The two of them are so small they fit in one lap. The adorableness is overwhelming.

Astro is missing an eye and part of an ear but that doesn't stop him from being a party on paws. We're all completely in love with him.

Lulu, our smaller imposter, is a really sweet girl who loves walking in the flowers.

Cora, our big grinner, is a fetch addict and an all around cool dog who would love to go camping with you this summer. Pack a chuckit!

Flapjack, our big old hulkin' love of a cat with the bald hienie, is the ultimate good-sport kitty. He will eventually grow hair back there again. If you like laid back cats, you have to meet him.

Right Phoebe? 

You're still boring me. 

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