Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nala Is Having The Best Day Ever.

A couple of weeks ago we met world weary Phoebe who, along with her other half Luna, is still waiting for a home. No matter what we did, Phoebe remained unimpressed.

Right Phoebe?
Again? Seriously?  Don't you have other things to blog about?

As impressive as Phoebe's poker face is, we think we might have found something equally awe-inspiring: 

Nala, the happiest dog ever. 

Despite being in a shelter, Nala is having the THE BEST DAY EVER.

First Nala went for a walk out in the yard with one of her friends. This was obviously, the best, most exciting, most awesome walk ever. Not only were there flowers, they were the prettiest, best smelling flowers in the world. So pretty you just had to sit right down and grin at them. 

Hello flowers. I love you, flowers.

What made this walk even more superlatively incredible was that Nala was with her friend Iwona, a dog socializer. And Iwona is just the most wonderful, fun, exciting person ever. So amazing that if you're hanging out with Iwona you just have to dance. She's that great. 

I'm with Iwona, I'm with Iwona, happy, happy, happy day...

Because it was getting hot, they stopped for a dip in the pool. You can't even understand how fantastic the pool is. It's the best pool ever made. It's so awesome that it just makes you have to dance. You just have to dance in this pool because it's such a great pool.

I'm in the pool, I'm in the pool....I wish I could sing right now.

After that, she went in and took a nap. Later her friend Jackie, another dog socializer, came and took her out for the most intoxicating, gleeful game of ball ever. You don't know -  you cannot comprehend - how amazing this game of ball was. 

Come here, most amazingest awesomest, perfectest ball! I love you!

Jackie just kept throwing the ball - again and again and again - she did! It was just so fun. Even the ball itself was perfect. It had to be the best, most pristine tennis ball ever. Can you believe it? There's only one thing to do after a game of ball this fantastic: you have to dance. 

I just can't stop myself, I have to dance. 

This - right here - this is where it get absolutely unbelievable: after the game of ball she got to go BACK into the kiddie pool again. Again! More kiddy pool! More of the absolute best kiddy pool in the world! It was just that all you can do is smile. You just have to stand there and be in that moment and smile at that kiddy pool. You have to.

It's too much, it's all just too much. It's too perfect. 

All this excitement - it was almost too much. What do you do after so much of the best day ever? You go home and you eat dinner, that's what you do. And then you go to sleep knowing tomorrow will be just as awesome because, well, you're Nala and every single day is the best day ever. 

Actually one more thing happened but it was so terribly exciting that it's reserved for another blog entry altogether.

That isn' it? PEANUT BUTTER???

If Nala gets this excited over a day at the shelter, imagine how excited she'd be to get a forever home. If you're looking for a happy, athletic dog that will think every day with you is the best day ever, you've got to meet Nala. Unflappable optimism and an unfailingly positive attitude deserve a loving home. You really need to see her silly dance and fetch gymnastics.

Some of these photos were taken from Iwona's wonderful blog about our dogs.
Others were taken by our amazing volunteer photographer Jackie MacMillan, who does most of the blog photos. 

Right Phoebe?

So she made me smile, okay? It's not a crime. 


  1. I am proud and grateful to be part of HSSV community. Thank you Finn for another amazing post, and Jackie for all your work with dogs. This is priceless :)