Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Day: Peanut Butter Problem Solving.

It's coming....
Don't tease me. Just open the door. 
It's almost time....
I am concentrating very hard on making you give me that.

You might want to do a little dance...
Ermaghard! Peanut butter!

Or throw your peanut butter-y hands in the air....
Forget jazz hands, it's all about peanut butter paws.

Because it's KONG time!
KONG-nastics: the head-first peanut butter dive.
We live and die by the KONGs and  encourage all of our adopters to bring the magic home with them with their new dog. Why? Because a lot of dog problems are caused by boredom. As much as we love adopting out dogs, we also really want to help pets stay in homes. Which means problem solving when issues come up.

 Stuff a KONG with peanut butter and give it to your pooch when you leave for work and all of a sudden eating the sofa becomes a substantially less exciting choice. Unless your sofa is full of peanut butter. 

While we are the coolest and most exciting animal shelter in the world and we have an army of the world's best volunteers who socialize and walk our dogs, there's still a lot of downtime for our residents. That's why one of the tasks we always have our school groups and corporate volunteers work on is stuffing KONGS. We even have the KONG-mobile - a cart full of KONG-y goodness.

Rolling cart of happy goodness.
Some of our more active pooches even get their dinner in a KONG.

Our freezers are stuffed with KONGs and our dogs are less stressed. This magic will work at home. Your home. And our Whole Pets Supply Store stocks them. Try this at home, trust us.

Plus there's the added bonus of watching your dog make KONG-face, which is pretty awesome. 
Step back, I'm an expert here...
Or their post-KONG-face which is pretty amazing, too. 
For the next ten minutes, he'll be moving his mouth like he's talking.

If you're concerned your dog might be putting on weight or getting a little wonky from sugar....
You can mix some peanut butter with a banana or oatmeal and use that instead. Or fill it with canned food and kibble and freeze it. 

Busy dogs are happy dogs so if you're having problems with Fido chewing the furniture or driving the neighbors crazy, consider leaving him with a little something to do. Like a KONG toy. If you don't have a dog, we can help with that. We have a variety of pooches that already have great KONG skills waiting for new homes. Stop in and meet some!

Almost every single one of the rock star dog models in this blog are available for adoption. For more information on NalaChico, and MaxiMouse go to our web site. The lovely brindle Cora got adopted - good luck Cora! The adorable Eli, who was not actually sugar overdosing, is also still waiting for a forever home. 

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