Thursday, July 10, 2014

Behind The Music: The Rise and Fall of HSSV's Only Punk Rock Poodle Band.

It had been a hot week, which means a boring week. While there's been lots of in-room cuddling for the HSSV dogs, spiking temperatures meant less outside time for most of the dogs. So things were getting pretty lame around here.

Bored McBoring McBoredPants....
Then they showed up. Sporting a look previously unseen in the adoptable rooms at HSSV.

There was Rufus, the handsome friendly one:

I'm friendly but sensitive, you know? Sweet but deep....

And Winston, the brooding dreamy one:

You probably don't understand me but I'll try your cookies.
And they were....

 The Punk Rock Poodle (mixes).

Before the duo had even sung one note, things started to wake up around here. Maui voluntarily got up from her bed, where she had been enjoying some tummy rubs. And if you know Maui, you know getting her to do much aside from napping, cuddling and enjoying snacks is difficult:

What's up with their hair? Kids today, I swear....

Murphy was so stunned he looked like a 12 year old girl at a One Dimension concert:

They're just so...curly...and cool. Can I do that to my hair?

And then the singing started.

First Rufus started with a long, eerie note and then Winston stepped in to harmonize. Rockin' their awesome mohawks, the two blew the roof off the joint.

MacGoober just couldn't help himself. He had to dance even though it made him look more goofy than he usually is:

Step back - I GOTTA DANCE!!!
The usually staid Charlie Brown grabbed a toy and started busting out some swing moves with his stuffed partner that stopped everyone in their tracks:

For an inanimate object this stuffy has RHYTHM!
Even the little kids got in on the act. Red went nuts with a pogo move that brought to mind London in the late 70's:

Ay! Oh! Let's Go!*
Normally shy Tallie went turbo with a twist move:

I don't know what dropping it like it's hot is, but I'm gonna try!
Little Henrietta was just starstruck, absolutely starstruck. If she could have bought a poster and had them sign it, she would have:

They're so dreamy....#punkrockpoodlefandom....

Giggle started shakin' it like Shakira:

The singing! It's like a spell! The booty must move! 

But alas, the magic couldn't last. 

Shortly after their concert, the two began to suffer artistic differences. 

Unlike The Beatles, there was no Yoko Ono.

(This is a shelter blog, folks, everyone is spayed and neutered).

But there were squabbles over kibble, who got to sit on what lap. In short the pair was sick of each other. Like most brilliant artistic minds, they can be a bit high strung. 

The decision was made to separate them. Now post-separation, both are thriving in separate quarters and have elected to pursue careers as solo artists. Rufus is available through a foster home and Winston is at our Milpitas Animal Community Center. 

If you're interested in adopting a piece of musical animal shelter history and sharing your life with a punk rock poodle or any of our awesome dogs, check out our website.

* We know the Ramones are an American, not a British band. 

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