Thursday, July 24, 2014

Four Reasons We Must Sing The Praises of our Plethora of Pibbles.

In which you realize your life is sorely lacking because you lack a boxy headed love sponge.

Also in which Danny Boy sings the praises of pit bull ownership:

The pits, the pits are calling you...from glen to glen...

4) Because nothing is more fun than a playful pittie. 

MacGoober isn't a dog - he's party on paws. 

Let's do this! You throw, I chase...and again...and again...
A toy? A hike? A playdate with his pibble buddies? He's so in.

As is Charlie Brown. *

We need to stop for a second so I can hug this toy for making me so happy.
Giggle? Don't even talk to us about Giggle. You just look at her and the booty starts movin'. 

I know we've been at this for four hours but throw!

3) Because we all need to learn to be positive and enthusiastic.

Pitbulls are the zen-masters of positivity. Everything they have is the best thing that has existed ever. 

Like this tunnel. This is the best tunnel EVER. 

You will NOT BELIEVE what I just ran through. It's amaze-balls!

And have you met MacGoober's buddy Dexter? Dexter, who just comes in to play with Goobs, is obviously the bestest, most awesome, coolest friend EVER. 

Look at him! He's the bestest, most funnest, handsomest Dex!

This yogurt? Maui has to tell you - this is some seriously good yogurt. Whoever made this yogurt was a genius. It's simply the most delicious yogurt ever created. Ever. 

Go back in and see if they have a gallon jug - I'm not even close to done. 

Danny Boy can't even begin to describe the enormous fantastic amazing-ness that is this picnic table. It's impossible to be hyperbolic about it because it's ridiculous how....

But it's really comfortable....

HEY- Danny Boy - Get off the table. Seriously.

2) Have you seen the pibble smile? Does anything have a more infectious grin than a pittie?

My smile photobombed your selfie!

Yes, a lot of them have enormous box sized heads. Which means more square footage for a smile.

Yes, yes I do have a gigantic noggin. And I love you. 

If you're going to live, live large. And if you're going to smile, do it so big that someone could park a volkswagen in it. 

If you bring more yogurt, I'll smile even bigger.
1) Because an abundance of something does not make them less desirable or bad.**

It's true that pits, pit mixes and pibble type dogs are incredibly common in shelters. There are a lot of reasons for that.

The biggest? They're overbred. Much like chows, labs, and German Shepherds were in years past. 

An abundance of pitties shouldn't make them less desirable. Seriously, when was the last time you opened a bag of M&M's and said "Oh, there's too many red ones in here, I shan't eat any of them"? Or "there's too much sand on that beach, I'll go back to the parking lot instead"? Don't let the amount of the pibbles you see prejudice you against what could be a wonderful, loving relationship with the goofball of your dreams. In fact, come down and meet our goofballs. They're dreamy. 

* We're very happy to report that Charlie Brown has gone home with a wonderful family. Godspeed, Charlie! You were a pleasure to know!

**This amazing adoption promo is NOT ours, unfortunately. It's from San Diego Animal Shelter.  Their video folks are beyond brilliant.

Dr. Dexter the wonder pooch and the photo of him are courtesy of Our Pack. We cannot say enough good things about them.

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