Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cheeto's Gonna Give You The Real Cheese And A Zinger Or Two.

What happens when our pets get adopted?
What does it look like when they're in their forever home?
Well, wonder no further. We'll take you on a tour of one cat's journey into their home.

Chester aka "Cheeto" was a cat that stayed in our shelter for a bit.
Yeah, that's me as Cheeto-cat, what of it?

Many people looked at him. And why not? He's absolutely gorgeous...

 I mean would you look at the markings on that tail? 
And that sassy face, oh my gawrd!

He was adopted twice and returned twice. Why? 
Well, sometimes things aren't meant to be, but that doesn't mean he isn't a wonderful cat. I mean we all thought Brad and Jennifer were forever, but things happen. And sometimes Angelina happens to you, like it did to Mister Cheeto.

He doesn't like living with other cats, okay. And in the holy name of Starbucks and all things caffeine producing, he must have a roof over his head that's cat friendly. Fair 'nough.

Cheeto is now in his perfect home and of course one of our own staff fell in love.
Third time was the charm for Cheeto.
But Cheeto does have one thing to say to those that were scared off by the "returned" animal stigma.

Returned animals aren't broken. Sometimes things just don't work out. It's all about finding a balance. Making a match that works for you and for the animal.
And for Cheeto, oh he found his home all right. And he found it good.

Purr Purr

He knows the meaning of cat planking. This is where you're a cat and you sleep on the upper edge of the couch. Also known to cats as "The Couch Cliffs". It is both fun and slightly awkward. 

Cheeto understands though that one must earn one's keep...

Helping contribute to laundry chores is a must in his new house. He is an avid laundry helper and will do a thorough scan of the laundry machine for potential laundry monsters/elves or any creatures in between. Also smelling smelly clothes is so weirdly satisfying. *Sniff Sniff*

When the chores are said and done it's time to get that gamer cat on...

Cheeto likes to assist his human friends by giving moral support whilst they play League of Legends (LOL). It's a multi-player online battefield arena (MOBA) game.  For those of you not super video game savvy or who most likely enjoy natural sunlight/go outside and hike like in those REI commercials, then let me fill you in. All you need to know is it's like capture the flag, but with awesome little champion avatars, and yeah, you can kill the other team. Cheeto often finds himself screaming "Go for the Penta kill" or "Good job, man, good job". Frankly though, it's all about dat warm laptop. Cheeto considers it his personal heater.

Sometimes Cheeto realizes his mum and dad go on little trips and he decides to pack himself.

What do you mean I'm not TSA approved? My nails are trimmed!

And then just to prove what a wicked cool cat he truly is, Cheeto puts on his harness and goes for a walk.

Yep, you heard me. He goes for some cat walks outside. And he loves it! He likes breaking boundaries and showing off how totally sick it is to walk a cat outside.  
But truly those boots were meant for walking.

At the end of the day, it's all about the cuddling and warm lap time...

Cheeto's momma and poppa couldn't be happier with their baby. Everything worked out for the best. And just remember returned isn't broken, because you can't break da purrs of love. Open your heart to an animal and you'll be surprised in what you find...


  1. That is too precious!!!!

    1. Thanks for giving it a read. He is pretty darn adorbs.

  2. Ermehgawd!! Cheeto is quite possibly the! Love that he found his home. Thanks for sharing his story!

    1. My sentiments exactly with this little cheese cat. He's truly a gem. Thanks for reading!