Friday, March 27, 2015

Of Laser Shooting Dinosaurs, Spock, Unicorns and Mirchi, The World's Coolest Chihuahua.

So a while ago Putin was photographed shirtless riding - something. We're not entirely sure what the original animal being ridden was. But the photo circulated 'round the web-o-sphere and all across the world meme-makers lit up like little kids on Christmas morning. It started with bears, then devolved into other animals...

We're pretty sure this is photoshopped. Or that's one BIG kitty.
And finally just circled the drain entirely and went into bad puns. 

Putin on the Ritz, get it?
But no matter how ridiculous they got, the interwebs just ate these memes up. Nom nom nom. No one could get enough of Putin riding things. Which gave us an idea. See, for the past eight months we have had in our possession the coolest of cool dogs, a spunky, fun, friendly little chi named Mirchi

Yes, I am that cool.
Mirchi might be the best dog ever. He's housebroken, adores other dogs, even knows how to use a dog door. But he's a small tan chihuahua in a state up to it's ears in small tan chis. As we have absolutely no issue shamelessly exploiting internet trends to get people to see how fantastic our dogs are, why not go with a proven winner? If it worked for Putin, could it work for Mirchi

The brain engines started turning away....

Please make the man on my back put on a shirt. 
But the thing is that Mirchi is a big enough personality that he doesn't need to have a controversial world leader perched on top of him. This is an adorable little pooch who loves to steal towels from the laundry basket to make himself into a canine burrito. He's got enough charisma to carry his own show. If anything, we should reverse the roles here... 

How do you like it, buddy? 
In fact he doesn't even need world leaders. This is a dog that figured out a dog door in a half hour by watching his foster brother go through it. A dog that likes to do zoomies with big pooches and little pooches - he's not intimidated by dogs ten times his size. No, little Mirchi can own even the fiercest meme all by himself.

I love to play with big dogs but this is a bit much. 
But lest we make him sound too too fierce, he's also a world class snuggler who is so smart that he aced Beginning Obedience. At heart he's a diplomat who embraces everyone, from kids to adults, with equal aplomb and lots and lots of kisses.

RIP, Leonard Nimoy. Much respect to a good man. 
In fact he's so good he's magical.

All gimmicks and theatrics aside, Mirchi is a great little guy who's been looking for a home for way too long. Even without the aid of photoshop*, he sparkles. If you're in the market for the best dog ever, come meet him. If you're not, spread the word.

(Unicorn, dinosaur and world leaders not included with adoption).

*Photoshop that was made possible by awesome-sauce volunteer Anjelica Martinez Photography who took the some of the pics and made the memes. Also kudos to Elizabeth Laverty for her cool-Mirchi pic! Thank you!

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