Friday, April 24, 2015

So I Can't Carry My Cat Out?

The answer for us here is negative, captain. We want you to not only adopt a cat from us, but also keep it! No quick escapes from your arms will be happening on our watch. 

Okay, now can we take a minute and talk about cat carriers? There's a lot out there.

Soft plushy carriers...

Round carriers:

Flowery carriers

Cardboard carriers


and hard plastic carriers

There's quite a bit of contention out there. People feel strongly about their carrier. Some people are die hard soft carrier folks. They like the gentle texture of it and want the nicest things for their precious.

Others are on the polar opposite, preaching for the security and greatness of hard carriers. I'm not going to lie, as a person that daily puts cats in carriers, I'll be in the hard carrier corner. I often find soft carriers require two people. One person to wrangle the cat and the other to wrangle the zippers and velcro. Can it be done alone? Absolutely! Have I? Yes. Was it pleasant? No. Do you want me to stop asking myself questions? Naturally. Okay, let's move along...

If you are going in the hard carrier direction, do we have some excellent educational demonstrations for you! Our very own world famous cat wrangler, Kara, gladly offered to show us our top three tricks for getting cats into that pesky carrier.

#1 Gently coax the kitty into the carrier. You stroke them with love, then deftly and swiftly, place them into the carrier before they can say "cat-napped".

#2 Lure the kitty in with a trail of treats. Who wouldn't like some tasty snacks leading somewhere, and then "Oh, I'm in a carrier? Okay".

#3 Trick the kitty with fun! Use a laser pointer to masterfully guide them into a carrier. I can personally attest to the success of this strategy. 

Besides the actual texture of the carrier, there's another huge aspect. Sometimes, it's small. SIZE!
Too often we are so deliriously excited with the prospect of adopting a cat, we forget the cat's actual dimensions. It sounds crazy. The medical term for this heightened state of joy and forgetfulness of your new prospective pet's size is called, Transizabeemnosis. If you suffer from transizabeemnosis, fear not.  I'll put this in way a we can all understand.

All you need do is look at these human specimen trapped in situations where, darn it, they don't fit!

When you're shopping for a pet carrier, go American, bigger is better. Super size your carrier people. Your cat will love you for it. There's nothing worse than feeling trapped and squished!

Repeat after me, "I pledge allegiance to all cats in the United States of Purrmerica"

If you're looking for a cat to fill a carrier, look no further. Check out our adoptable cats:
HSSV cats for adoption

*Special thanks and shout out to our amazing shelter staff, Miss Kara, for showing us the ways of the cat carrier. 
**Also thank you Fluffy, the stuffed white cat in the video, for tolerating our ridiculous antics. 


  1. Good Fluffy! Sit! Stay!

    And I second the hard carrier option. I mean, soft carriers are awesome and all, but I really dislike how my cat grows eight arms every time I try to put her in it.

    Carry on.

  2. I completely agree Cheverly. The soft carrier struggle is real!

  3. I also prefer hard carriers. One of my cats is frightened by the car ride, and often pees/poops in the carrier. It's much easier to clean out when it's a hard carrier.