Thursday, November 26, 2015

Forget Black Friday, We Have Awesome Bad Cat Puns.

You there.

Do you mean me? 
Yes you: felines of HSSV. We have an announcement:

It's Home For The Holidays time. And it will be CAT-aclysmic.

Make your list of what you're looking for in a person.

Dictate faster, hooman. I don't have all day. 
Because this is your time. Adoption fees on our entire CAT-alogue of all of you adorable cats and kittens are reduced through December 31st.

Get prettied up to make your best impression.

I should change my part. Just to change it up, you know? 
You're going to meeting a lot of new folks so you'll want to look your best. With fees of only $15 to adopt, you guys are going to be CAT-apulting out of here. 
No. Way.

Yes way. So you might want to lay off the CAT-nip for a bit. Mike, we mean you. You look CAT-atonic.

Whoooooaaaaa. Peoples.
It wouldn't hurt to put your best paw forward. You know, to CAT-er to potential forever people that are coming to meet you. 

I pick yous. 
It's important for everyone to know what a CAT-ch each and every one of you is.

Get out of the way, Bob. I'm a better catch than you. 
And that each of you is so special and unique that it's impossible to CAT-egorize any of you. 

I can do this! Check me out!
Because to miss a chance to take one of you amazing guys home for only $15? Well, that would be a...


* We would like to thank awesome volunteer cat photographer Malcolm Bramwell, who makes amazing visual cat puns like this. 

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  1. What a great deal! Much better than any other Black Friday deal