Friday, March 4, 2016

Exuberant Smooshy Blockhead Seeks Temporary Accomodations

This is Lemmy.
He's a big, lovely, squishy marshmallow of a pooch with a heart of gold and a head the size of a compact car.

Behold my enormous melon. 
Lems loves people, loves grass, loves ball, loves playing, loves just about everything.

Smoosh my face again, too..
He doesn't love the shelter. He's been here a while and it's starting to make him sad. When playtime is over he flops down on his stomach and refuses to go back in to his room. It's breaking our hearts a little to see such a happy muffin be depressed. Plus he weighs a lot and carrying him in is TOUGH.

Different species, exact same facial expression. 
Even when Lemmy is depressed, he still has to smile at every single person he sees. Which means it's impossible to get a picture of Lemmy looking sad. Thus we use this photo of a sad panda to represent Lemmy's sadness.

Anyhoo, we had a great idea. We do that a lot around here: great ideas.

Sock it to me. What's your great idea? Belly rubs? 
What if we found Lemmy a foster home? A place where he could live and hang out until he finds a forever home? If we could find someone that has some big-silly-dog experience but can't have a dog forever, this could be a win/win.

Someone who understands dogs like him.  He's a bit of a meat-head....

It appears the water bowl is empty...
Though he thinks of it as being a problem solver.

He loves other dogs but is a bit too much for most smaller ones. He adores playing with other big blockheads though.

I'm like a frolic-some linebacker. But I love my buddies. 
While he doesn't have a mean bone in his body, he can be a bit of a rhino in a china shop so cats and lots of low-sitting valuables are probably a very poor idea. He is working on crate training..

What do you mean I'm doing it wrong? 
Though he's still got a ways to go with it. 

While a forever home would be fantastic, a foster home would be great too. Let's get Lems out here and into someplace where he can always be his ridiculously gleeful, squishy, loving, chunknugget self. Don't make us use another sad panda photo:

Though it really does look quite a bit like Lemmy when he has to come back in from the yard and go to his room.

If you're interested in fostering Lemmy, call Casaundra Cruz at 408.262.2133 ext 183. If you're interested in adopting this big old smooshball, call adoptions at 408.262.2133 ext 150.

No one likes a sad panda. Everyone loves a smiling Lemmy. 

Seriously. Come smoosh my face. 
Let's keep Lemmy smiling. 


  1. Posting is so great as usual!

  2. Thank you to the hoomans like you to contribute to the society by helping the lovely animals.

  3. I would so foster this guy if I was in Silicon Valley and not Silicon Alley (NYC). Stay strong Lemmy :)

  4. I wish my building didn't have breed restrictions! He looks like an absolute sweetheart.

  5. I how I love him. I have a full home with a foster Momma and her five babies. But I will talk to Cassaundra about fostering someone like him. I have my own pitty too. We call him our blockhead oaf! He sounds just like this guy!

  6. He's perfectly perfect in every way!