Friday, April 1, 2016

Have You Checked The Date On Your Calendar?

We love April 1st. Love love love it. 

April Fool's Day... I feel so....misguided.

Perhaps you clicked the link because you already knew that Mr. Snappypants was not an adorably mismatched puppy with some quirky behavior issues...

Pom mix puppy? REALLY? 
 But actually a honey badger. 

Which does have some behavior quirks but is nothing you would ever want to own as a pet. At least not if you enjoy things like breathing, having fingers, etc. 

The good news is that the little muffins Mr. Snappypants is pictured with are genuine, real life puppies and available for adoption. 

We are all deeply in love with Photobomb Puppy in the back. 
But if you clicked through to the link because you knew Mr. SnappyPants was a honey badger and you like the idea of a pet with a little 'tude, you should pop by and meet Bree AKA 'The Land Shark'.

What's a finger? You have nine spares. And some toes, too...
Bree is diabolically brilliant, hysterically funny, incredibly playful and cuddly with those that she loves. And love and cheese are pretty tightly bound together in her miraculous mind. She's never met a stuffed toy she didn't like but takes people on a case by case basis. She'd appreciate it if you kept your paws off her toys until you know each other a little. If you like the sass, she brings it. Hard.

While we're copping to things, KissyFurSnuggums is not actually a pet cat, either.  

But you only have one nose and I'm about to launch. 
She's really a manul, or Pella's Cat. Which are wonderful, amazing wild cats with the most expressive faces..

But again, not something that should ever be a pet. 

But let's say that you knew that - that you were totally on board with the fact that this was actually a little more than your average housecat. Then you should meet Tab. 

Come meet me, bring a toy and try not to be annoying and we shall talk. 
Tab, much like Honey Badger, doesn't care. He does care - about playing and toys and hanging out with his hand-selected buddies, but he represents all that is feline about cats. He really doesn't care what you think of him. He is independent, opinionated and likes things on his own timeline. His play style can be a little disarming (in a 'kevlar might be appropriate' kind of way) so it's best to stick to things like feather toys and lasers. Not only are they his favorites, they also allow for some distance between your arms and him. 

If you're looking for an eccentric roommate that will keep you on your toes, keep you laughing and remind you of your place in the universe*, Tab's your man.

If you were looking for a Honey Badger or a manul, sorry to disappoint. But come on guys, surely you have to be wise to our April Fool's Day tricks by now. 

They lied...why did they lie?
Happy April Fool's Day From HSSV!

* your place, if you didn't know, is well under the cat's place in the universe. 

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