Monday, November 7, 2016

Is It Over Yet? Puppies Deal With Election Stress.

So we have a big burning question for you.

Ask away. 
Who here is sick of the election?

Don't say that word. I don't want to hear that word any more. 
No, don't worry. We're not going to talk about politics or candidates. 

Thank goodness. This was getting awkward.
We're just asking who is ready for what has been a very, very long election cycle to be over?

It just all got so...ugly.
We know. It did get ugly. But you know what's not ugly? Puppies. Even puppies suffering from hard core election burnout. 

I just need it to be over. Now.
While we know some folks love the tussle and fro of politics..

I personally would relish another debate. And the ensuing water cooler arguments that follow.
We also know that a lot of folks are feeling pretty fried from all the news stories, yard signs and social media throwdowns. 

When will it be safe to be on Twitter again? I can't take this...
Which made us think 'What could we do? What can we do to help everyone through the last day of this?".

Do something. Please. Just don't mention anything that starts with a 'T' or a 'C'.
And it was obvious the only answer that made any sense was to post pictures of disgruntled puppies. Because honestly, who doesn't smile at puppies? Even disgruntled ones?

I actually do not smile at pictures of puppies. At all. 
That's understandable. You're a cat, Butternut. But to our point, we thought we would post a blog that would make you smile. We would remind you that if election stress is getting to you, feel free to pop into any of our locations for some cuddle therapy with a pooch or a kitty.

We all need cuddle therapy right now. 
And we'd remind you that no matter which way things go tomorrow, you can make a big difference in the world by adopting, volunteering or donating at your local shelter. 

Why did you mention tomorrow? I can't even think about tomorrow. 
So pop by and see us. The world is a good place, full of good people doing good things. And in forty eight hours, this whole election mess will be over. 

I'm so over it right now. I'm done. 
We know Allie. We know. 

But hey, does anyone want to talk about some of the California ballot measures?

Guys? Puppies? Where did you go? There's nothing but a pile of stuffies here...


  1. Amusing clever and timely as usual.

  2. Great use of the photos! Very enjoyable....and true.

  3. Thank you for the puppies! It's been a worse year than usual to have election day on my birthday.

  4. I love the puppy pictures! Makes you feel better looking at puppies.

  5. I thought you needed to be a volunteer to cuddle the dogs/cats.......?