Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Tale Of Two Perfect Puppies.

Meet Sparrow

She's suave....

Hello there...
She's playful..

I'm gonna put a hurting on this stuffie.

Oh so loving..

Rub the belly! More!
And did we mention she's missing an eye?

We get it. There was a point there between the third pic and the fourth pic of this delightful, ridiculously bright little muffin where some people's reaction went from 'what a little cutie' to 'oh no, the poor thing, what happened to her?'.

And we all need to back it up little bit. Throw the old brain in reverse. 

C'mon guys... get with it. 
We're going to tell you a little secret about Sparrow

There's absolutely nothing wrong with her.  

In fact, she's pretty far ahead of the curve. At only ten weeks old she's absolutely rockin' pee-pad training, dog-cat relationships and being-left-alone-without-screaming-her-brains-out. The worst thing you can say about her is that she insists on sleeping in the bed which is a little unnerving as she's just a wee thing. Her lack of an eye hasn't stopped her from figuring out how to jailbreak her puppy pen to sneak into bed with her foster mom*. 

 If all we see is a missing eye, we might be the one with the vision problem.

And then there's Woody

He too is adorable...

All my sides are my cute side. 
A bit of a wiggly little goof...

This is my yell-y face. 
And does a great smug-chihuahua face...

Don't I, though?
And oh yeah...

Oh boy. 
This happens sometimes..

He falls down. He also gets tremors when he's excited and runs a little funny but it doesn't stop him from running after the cat (bloop!) , after the other dogs (bloop!) and for a snack (bloop!)**. 

You probably can guess what we're going to say here, too:

There's absolutely nothing wrong with Woody. 

He got a little injury to his noggin' when he was younger. He's a bright little dude, he just wound up clumsy. And he has no idea he's clumsy. He's just having a good old time. 

If you're going to ask this question:

But what happened to the poor things? 

We might give you this look:

Oh boy.

Because it's the absolute least interesting thing about either of these puppies. We're not saying bad things don't happen, we're just saying that neither Woody nor Sparrow should be defined by the worst thing that happened to them. Nobody should. Woody and Sparrow don't know (and frankly don't care) that they're a bit different than other pups. They're just playing with toys and trying to get this whole housebreaking thing down.

Maybe we can all learn from that. 

Meanwhile both of these little nuggets are looking for good homes. Interested? Email

* Who is her foster mom? Think Bridget, our favorite and most awesome Queen Sucker!
** Our staff is beyond awesome. Woody's foster mom is Scrub Wearing Human Tornado Head Vet Tech Candice. 

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