Monday, February 13, 2017

Beautiful Blockhead Babes From The South Invade!

They came to party.

They're not here for a long time, they're here for a good time.

I'm Amber, I'm 2 and I love people who throw the ball!
And of course to find a home. They're Beautiful Blockhead Babes...

I'm Kara, I'm also 2 and people tell me my eyes are my most striking feature!
And they know how to get down.

I'm Luna and I'm a lap hog and fetch addict whose ALWAYS up for a good time.
And how to work the camera with their big boxy heads and big doe eyes...

I'm Marigold and I'd down for anything - head cones, Go-Pros, play dates!
When one of our buddy shelters down south found themselves with a bevvy of beautiful blockheads that were getting overlooked, they gave us a holler. These ladies were great with other dogs, loved people, loved kids and were always down for a hike or a big dog party. Could we help? Thanks to our Doggy Day Out program we've seen a lot of our great big dogs getting adopted faster. Yes, yes we could help! The first four babes, Luna Candy Cane, Amber, Kara and Marigold took the transfer bus up north where they've been digging on our dog park and outings with volunteers. Luna Candy Cane got snapped up in a hot minute. Marigold had to wear the Cone Of Joy for a while but she's doing way better now. They're all ready for new homes. 

Errrrp. 'Scuse me. You forgot something.
Ooop, sorry about that. It appears we forgot the boys. They came from a different buddy shelter but are equally as awesome. Blazer, a snuggly little pocket pibble also joined the par-tay. As did Winston, a laid back meat-head whose cheeks are a little bit too big for his absurdly smooshy face.

Smooshy! So much smoosh! Must smoosh them!
It's almost Valentine's Day and if you're look for a big boxy boo of your dreams, you need to stop what you're doing and come in right now. We promise drools, snuggles, snores and years of adventuring. As the wise Katy Perry once said, "California Girls, they're undeniable..."

Excuse me! Hello?
Okay, don't give us the sad face, Blazer. We mean California boys, too. 

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