Thursday, April 20, 2017

Avoid The Bitey Bits: Loving Feline Misanthropes Seek Adoring Staff.

We admire people with strong opinions. Our movie industry is basically built on storylines of people who take life on their own terms and refuse to compromise. If you extrapolate on that, we should be a nation of cat lovers. After all, what better personifies a strong, independent personality and unwillingness to compromise like a cat?

Okay, not all cats. Some cats are super laid back. And yes, Big John, we are looking at you when we say that.

Ahem, I'm chiller than an iceberg, folks. 
But shouldn't we all love the slightly more challenging kittehs? The quirky, jerky cats with the same unyielding personalities and intolerance for nonsense that we find in our favorite action movie stars?

Of course we should. Which is why we're introducing you to some of our favorite quirky, jerky cats looking for someone who shares their worldview. Or at least appreciates it. 

My box. Mine. All mine. 
Exhibit A: The Darcie

The M.O: Pat me. Pat me right now. Pat me. Seriously. Aaaaaaargh - stop patting me! Right now. (swat). Ok, seriously. Pat me. Pat my belly. WHO TOLD YOU THAT YOU COULD TOUCH THE BELLY? (swat). By the way, I love you. 

Additional remarks: Poor Darcy. She needs a permanent person to train on her ins and outs - training all the volunteers and staff here on our quirks is exhausting her. No one appreciates her great sense of humor, either. She loves to follow people around and chat with them. We even put a chair in her room so folks could go in and sit down and have a talk with her while she sits on their lap (she loves laps). She decided instead to adopt the chair as her personal throne and can often be seen sitting in it, looking out the window to try and implore visitors to stop by. We've rarely met a more affectionate cat, either - you just have to know when she's had enough of the patting. And seriously, don't take her chair. 

The Verdict: Quirky? Yup. Jerky - nope. Just a normal cat who knows what she likes but is a bit more prone to expressing her opinion. 

This is my 'time to party' face. 
Exhibit B: The Banana Anna

Remarks: Banana Anna came to par-tay and she will not be denied. Seriously. She is always up for a game of crinkle ball, some fake-birdy-on-a-string, a good go-round with the old laser pointer. She's also always up for a wrestling match but we strongly, strongly suggest staying away from the bitey bits when she's in a play mood. Oh, and keep those other cats away her, too. She can hold her own but she wants ALL the playtime. Could she be any more fun? Nope. She's a full on fiesta on fleet little feet. Just use her toys, okay?

The Verdict: Quirky? No, just a wee little black cat who loves to play more than most but needs some help with her mouth-manners when she's getting her party-on.

Remarks: Unfortunately for feral kittens, there's nothing in the world cuter than a teeny angry kitten. When they hiss and spit, they think they're being terrifying. We think they're being adorable "Oh, who's an angry little man? You are!". With kitten season starting to bloom, we're starting to see these furious, winsome little nuggets coming in. The good news? They don't have to grow up to be hissy spitties. At this age, rehabilitation is entirely possible with the help of good foster homes who are willing to put some time and love into socializing them.

The Verdict: Neither quirky nor jerky - just the product of wayward youth. Did we mention you can help reform these wee captivating miscreants? Be a kitten foster parent. We have a training this Saturday, as a matter of fact. At 11:00 AM. See you there. 

In all honesty, none of these guys are the least bit jerky. Most cat folks probably read this and thought "oh, you think that's bad? You should see what my little Muffin does". Cats are cats, and that's why we love them. Now you just need to help us find folks who can love and appreciate these guys, just as they are. Ahem. 

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