Monday, April 3, 2017

Kittens and The Dog That Loved Mr. Peanut (Literally).


We're fans of nuts. We stuff our KONGs with nut butter. We snack on nuts and we are totally nuts about our pets and the work we do here. So imagine our surprise and delight when, on a sunny Sunday THIS showed up in our parking lot. 

They just showed up - it was the craziest thing. 
The NUTMOBILE! The iconic Planters vehicle was doing it's cross country thing and decided to make an impromptu stop at HSSV. Turns out the staff (Mr. Peanut included) LOVE dogs and were all in to drop off some peanuts for the people and get some pics with the pooches. 

No peanut butter but I'm lovin' the attention.
Buttercup was all excited until she learned the bus was not just an empty vessel full of peanut butter that she could romp in. Even still, she thought Mr. Peanut was pretty nifty and for Buttercup, any pats and lovin' are a-okay with her so she was psyched to meet the crew. The biiiiig star, though was..

Take me with you, Mr. Peanut. You can have a Peanut Dog.

Sonny. If Sonny could have left on Nutmobile, he would have. From the moment he saw Mr. Peanut, he had to be near him. He loved the crew. He loved the Nutmobile. He loved everything about the situation. If there ever a dog born to be THE Nutmobile pooch, it was probably Sonny. Unfortunately the travelin' peanut life is not always dog-friendly so after receiving much lovins' from the Planters Peanut crew, they had to depart sans Sonny. They did, however, leave the staff and volunteers plenty of snacks and every pooch who met Mr. Peanut got a special sticker for their kennel.

She's nuts for cuddles. Get it??
How awesome is that? More awesome? Both Buttercup and Sonny are still available for adoption so they could be yours. Buttercup loves everyone, everything and peanut butter. Sonny is outgoing, loyal and super-social. He'll love you no matter what but if you have a big peanut costume, he's not going to complain. 

Mr. Peanut? Is that you?
In other news, kitten season has begun to rain down on us in earnest. We're starting to see daily litters of babies, most of whom are too young to be adopted. 

Most don't turn up in baskets.
If you're interested in fostering a kitten, this would be an awesome time to sign up for a training. If you can't foster but want to help, we super duper need supplies and have an awesome Amazon Wishlist full of things we need to help save the 2,000+ little jellybeans that come through our door during kitten season. We promise to repay you with all sorts of adorable social media posts like this one of Topper, The World's Most Charismatic Staff Hamster trying to figure out what to do with bottle babies. 

We can't guarantee Mr. Peanut will show up again, but we can guarantee that popping by to spend a few minutes with a dog or cat will make your day. So make like Mr. Peanut and pop in! In the meantime, have another kitty picture... 

They look a lot like Topper at this age. 
which we stole from rockstar foster mama Jessie's most excellent Instagram account.

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