Friday, January 19, 2018

Cat Selfies Gone Rogue

We have a teeny tiny problem.

Problem? What kinda problem?

Our cats got a hold of a phone. And they went rogue with the new Google Arts and Culture selfie app.

First there was Warren, a young whippersnapper who (unsurprisingly) kicked off the tech trend.
 They don't call me young for nothin'.

Then Ysera wanted to get in on the action with a selfie of her own.
Does this show my good side?

And Pismo, whose stoicism just can't be matched.

I'm not stoic. I'm showing you my blue steel. There's a difference, hooman.

 And that's when peer pressure hit. Suddenly, even our senior cats were trying to be trendy with selfies of their own. Like Alvin, who just couldn't resist showing off his tech skillz.
Pretty good, huh? Huh? Who says you can't teach an old cat new tricks?

And Nicholas, who proves that old cats aren't crotchety - or opposed to doin' what the hip kids do.
I'm cool now, right? Rad. Do people still say "rad"?

The point is, we have a ton of awesome cats who know their way around a phone and can appreciate the finer things in life, like fine art. And when we say a ton of cats, we mean a ton - seriously, they're coming in by the baker's dozen.

Are you comparing us to donuts now?! Mm....donuts. Do they make fish donuts?

If you're looking for some of the sweetest, funniest, "raddest" cats, we have them all. They'll be invading our Milpitas ACC and Petco West San Jose NAC all weekend. Come meet them!

You heard them, hooman. Do it.

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