Friday, January 26, 2018

The Big, the Small, and the Smiley

We're no strangers to odd couples or mismatched duos here. 
Remember us, guys? Only true fans know our names.

But this one made us chuckle. While Goliath and Minney aren't a "duo" in the typical sense - they've never met - we couldn't help but chuckle at the irony of these two aptly named pooches being here at the same time.

Meet Goliath. At over 100 lbs, his name is almost too perfect.
I'm big. Get it? Good one, guys!

Then there's Minney. A wee little thing whose name, of course, is pronounced "Mini".
You're right, I'm pretty small.

These two went up for adoption just days apart, causing us to make a few facetious comparisons.

Like their resemblance to the brothers in "Twins" - a movie that only the true buddy-comedy lovers will remember. Or anyone that was around in the 80s.
 Yes, kids, that is our former governor. And the Terminator.

They're like the dog version of Shaquille O'Neal and his wife, except they aren't married. 
 The likeness is uncanny.

They are a less creepy version of whale sharks and those weird, tiny fish that sometimes stick on them.
 Please, get off.

...Okay, we'll end the comparison there. You get it. He's big. She's small. It's funny!

Goliath and Minney are both available for adoption as of this writing. 
Come on, you know you wanna meet me!

Don't listen to him. Good things come in small packages. That's what I always say.

In addition to these guys, we were also flooded with a ton of smiley dogs this week. We're serious. They even say cheesy, obnoxious things about being happy. That's just who they are, and we love them for it.
A smile is worth a thousand words!

Are you sure that's the saying, Reese?
Just a simple smile can brighten someone's day!

Especially yours, Bruno.
The moral of the story is, we have something for everyone - big, small, or smiley. We even have cats, if you're into that sort of thing (which we definitely are). 
Thanks for finally acknowledging our existence. Yes, we've been waiting.

You get the drift. Come by.


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