Friday, February 2, 2018

The Big Game - Cats vs. Dogs

 It's on! The big game is here - who will take the prize in the battle between cats and dogs? Each team presents their side:

Come on, no contest. I keep myself clean and never make a mess! Can a dog do that?

You have a good point, Pismo. Cats are uber clean. It's pretty nice.

I love you! And you! And you! What do I win? Treat? Bone? Pet?

Okay, Finn, that's fair - dogs are super loving and affectionate. That's a pretty big bonus.

 I don't need silly "walks" or "hikes." I'm just naturally this well-behaved. Oh, and I won't chew your furniture.

Low maintenance and less destructive. Well played, Clyde. Well played.

I want to go everywhere with you! Let's do everything together! Want to go on a walk? Or play ball?

You're right, Rocko - sometimes it's fun to have a buddy that wants to do things like walk and hike! Especially for the more active folks among us.

Honestly, is there even a debate at this point? Cats are low maintenance. We won't smother you constantly. And we can almost take care of ourselves. Is there even a question?

You make a good point, Tito, but we're torn. 

We're fun! We love you the mostest! We always wanna be with - wait, is that a squirrel?

Okay, we're calling this a tie. Beauty is clearly in the eye of the beholder. Or however you want to say there are a lot of great things about dogs and cats, it just depends who you ask. If you need your own buddy for the big game, we have you covered. We have tons of awesome dogs and cats, and we promise we won't take a side. Pick a fave. We won't judge.

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