Sunday, March 18, 2018

A Big Dog Blog

We've got a big dog problem. The problem? We have a bunch of big dogs who are ah-mazing. Seriously. They make our hearts skip a beat. We find ourselves doing that goofy "puppy-love" smile whenever we see them. And we can't help but smoosh their infinitely adorable smoosh-faces.

Smooshable face here, ready for smooshing.

Why is that a problem? Because as much as we love them and never want to let them go, big dogs aren't a fan of sticking around the shelter for too long. They want to run, frolic and be free. They want to take up half your bed and snore in your face. They want to be anywhere but here.

Like Hendrix.
Need a paw? I can help with that.

Hendrix, besides your swoon-worthy looks, you've captured our hearts for another reason. When you sit, you plop your paw up. Every. Single. Time. It's completely charming.You've got us wrapped around that paw. You're a pocket pibble with the droopiest, "come-love-me" eyes and we want to smooch that face over and over. You are incredible on Doggy Day Out hikes. Volunteers and staff love you for your resilience despite going through some tough things in your life, like ear infections that bothered you for years before we got you cleaned up. We know you don't like being here, and we're working on finding your people as soon as possible.
Then there's Jojo.
 Yes, I am always this adorable and smiley.

Jojo, you are so sweet, we could get a cavity just looking at you. You have the softest, wiggliest body, and we love your love for us. You have no idea you're a big dog, and seem to think you're a lap dog instead. We know you're not a fan of other dogs at the moment, and we're trying to find you some peeps that understand that you're not a dog park kind of gal, but you are a couch snuggle one. In the mean time, we'll just keep sending you out on Doggy Day Out trips with our dog-savvy volunteers and enjoying the adorable photos that roll in afterwards.

Just let me gaze lovingly into your eyes...
 Blake, you are one handsome gentleman.
I am, aren't I?

You're playful, affectionate, and love to be in the great outdoors. If you were a human, you'd be that friend we could spend all day with - a nice long hike in the morning, followed by binge-watching TV and eating junk food in the afternoon. In the words of your favorite Doggy Day Out volunteers, you're "as close to perfect as it gets."And we couldn't agree more.

 How could you say no to this face?

We can't, Blake, we can't.

Our big dogs are pretty awesome, but they're not big fans of being here. We get it. If you want life to be a little more fun, why not come by and smoosh one of these faces?

Want to help us keep our big dogs happy and healthy, but can't adopt right now? Foster or volunteer with Doggy Day Out! Exercise, snuggles, and helping a shelter dog at the same time? That's a win-win for everyone.



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  2. I've been reviewing your adoption pages. How do you know the age of the dogs? The ages listed are so precise. Thank you for this post and for taking care of these dogs. I sponsored Blake. I hope he finds a loving family soon. We're working on training our 11-month old Boxer puppy and aren't quite ready to add to our family just yet. We are learning quickly though!

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